Push towards opening, Letv TV LePar partner program

hunting cloud network reported on August 12th afternoon

Letv TV today announced plans to launch “LePar super partner”, through “O2O + C2B + the raise” multi-dimensional integration mode of cooperation, and combining the Letv ecological resources, together with partners to expand in addition to a second-tier cities of the depth of Internet users. This means that the following content side open, Letv TV in product sales and interest into open in an all-round way.

generally speaking is that music depending on the TV to recruiting channel sales partners all over the country, and to open stores, product sales, logistics distribution and after-sales services, in this with a partner to share interests. In order to attract partners, LePar super partner also belong to the local generation mode alone.

see TV behind the measures, is considering its own super television has been a rapid growth, to realize the country covering a wide range of users must be taken to open system, and with the help of external sales channels to reduce its on the user’s touch, distribution and after-sales. At present joy as mall mainly cover one to two line market depth of Internet users. Another important reason is that the Letv the whole ecological layout penetration into the more lower level of the cities.

it is well known that music is a plate of a lot of chess, intelligent hardware, video, film and television, ecological agriculture, electricity, etc, among which, the TV has become a layout and other business interests into the key node, bearing and in the future implementation of viewing and manipulation of the family, shopping, etc. Therefore, in the LePar super partner program, you can see Letv TV and many other business integration.

LePar USES is the innovation of “O2O + C2B + raise” the multi-dimensional cooperation mode. O2O is mainly based on the online platform (lepar.letv.com) and offline store experience is closely related to the interaction. In the process, partners can recruiting experience, communication with the user to do market research and demand forecasting, and finally get the order. The raise pattern is not only suitable for fans start a business, individual distribution, chain, within the group purchasing platform.

on partner revenue model, Letv TV offers four ways. A, referred to in the preceding paragraph gains, television products and accessories sales commissions; Second, the consequent benefits, including delivery of products + + activation + debugging installation, after-sales service, new parts return, application service revenue, annual fee renewal benefits; Three, derivative gains, mainly Letv ecological system, such as movies, TV shows, sports, music, etc from earnings, the future of intelligent terminal products operating earnings, etc. Four, forward earnings, LePar will launch the growth plan, a good partner will have the opportunity to enter the Letv management, priority enjoy Letv and its platform option and the option to purchase equity share Letv growth returns, as a VIP can also participate in Letv festival, high-end sporting events, concerts, etc.

although le regard TV emphasize LePar partner is not a proxy pattern, but in fact there is no obvious difference. Partner for practice, in the after-sale with Letv TV has a unified standard will become a very real test.