Put mobile phones nokia, turned to pounce on car connected to the Internet

the author: Helen

it is rare to see past Nokia interview scene – sitting opposite me Nokia Growth fund (Nokia Growth Partner, hereinafter referred to as the NGP) Chinese partners deng yuan air-conditioning hand lay a the company mobile phone, a samsung NOTE3, there is a match the keyboard device in front; And before him, executive director of guo road, with apple “local tyrants gold”.

in the past, nokia executives at hand only nokia smartphones “standard”.

“I experience any phone, samsung, apple, millet, huawei, zte… “Said deng yuan air-conditioning.

“that in addition to the company which phone is best?” I asked him.

deng yuan air-conditioning pause a few seconds: “HMM… Apple experience is best, but the screen is too small, so it’s very important to screen of samsung, but more is the cause of the software experience is bad… I look forward to the next generation of larger screen apple.”

from the standard nokia to start the competitor’s mobile phone on the table, it may also be nokia in the mobile phone business after officially sold to Microsoft, “new nokia” a small change.

“for NGP, is a big change, because there are” nokia “name in before, many companies tend to think they must have application in nokia, and mobile phones can be cut, but now have a wider range of industry investment below.” Deng yuan air-conditioning said to me.

“another change is that, without the mobile phone business, now we have more abundant cash flow and profitability to support the development of more.” Deng yuan added air-conditioning.

after sell mobile phone business to Microsoft, “lighter” nokia screens to find market, aiming at the “network” is on the rise. This month, nokia launched a $100 million car networking fund, entrust the NGP management. Fund’s policymaking committee mostly by nokia’s top finance, investment direction has 3: car localization technology, intelligent vehicle technology and Internet service companies, the investment scope covers the United States, China, India, Europe and other places.

this is more like nokia is an important step in the remaking itself development. Even though nokia is still the main revenue from online business, and has a global market and channel, but it has started to explore in the field of new and prepared for war.

the layout of the car networking with nokia also close previously acquired HERE map service. After stripping mobile phone business, HERE the map is one of nokia’s main source of revenue, and has been in the on-board map market occupy a higher market share. Nokia, according to official data used HERE service car sales have reached 10 million. And, after including sensors, voice I already have a lot of man-machine interface technology and patent reserves, these will be in the car on the Internet to find new markets.

according to the GSMA and market research firm SBD, according to a report released in 2018, the total connected to the global car market will reach 39 billion euros, 2015 global networking services, more than 50% of the vehicles will need to provide car after 2025, each of the new cars will need to provide car networking services. But now the car networking less than 10% of the permeability in the global market, the domestic market is less than 5%. This year will be considered a Chinese car networking landing first.

but nokia’s many rivals, too. Since this year, giant IT have released on car networking. Apple CarPlay service, Intel threw a Japanese self-driving technology development enterprise AMP; Google has and a number of traditional automotive cooperation to build the open alliance; In the Chinese market, baidu began to automakers in three giant BAT into their own platform system, tencent started doing hardware lobo and explore the map data and O2O location service.

“car networking market today, form and service form without real product, so caused a different Angle.” Nokia growth fund executive director, said guo road, the car is a very traditional industry, “associated with car services and applications such as driving a taxi, generation have been quick to embrace the Internet, and then go down there are a lot of heavy links such as 4 s shops, OEM and so on have started actively contact with the Internet, which may lead to investment and opportunities.

so, what will the future car networking entrance?

in guo road, within the next few years car networking should be a process of game between multiple entry. “It’s like we discussed in the past few years on the smart phone browser entry? App store entrance? Basic security applications is the entrance? In the past few years, this a few product shape in each game. At least in the short term car networking will such a state. Because a very core problem is that the traditional car makers have still holds a lot of important link in the industrial chain, they are exactly what role in the networking is still in groping. Such as OEM, auto 4 s shops insurance company, they should play what role this problem slowly after clarifications, the entry of the game who strong weak to come slowly.”

although still car networking like a “mixed”, but deng yuan air-conditioning, NGP has seen a lot of cars in domestic networking project, but the market is big enough? Suitable for team? Valuation is suitable? And this time will go to investment at this stage? Multiple reasons for NGP yet stage continue to examine.

“one depends on market opportunity, if there is a good market development; 2 to see if in the related industry segment have enough knowledge accumulation, three is to consider and nokia have strategic coordination and possibilities.” Deng yuan air-conditioning, told reporters.

and, after seeing the multiple car networking projects that guo road, there are two ideas for car networking entrepreneurs, or 2 c, or 2 b, each has advantages and disadvantages.

2 c model means walk after market, benefit is that you can skip over traditional link, the face of the market and the window is larger. National car 140 million, plus the commercial vehicles may have 200 million or so, the market is very attractive. “But after face a problem is the market for a much higher demand for the quality of the products and services, many entrepreneurs forecasts are insufficient in this respect. For example, when you do wear market after OBD device, facing so many models, when doing the adapter is capable of achieving the car for driving safety requirements? This is a problem that many entrepreneurs don’t have full consideration.”

2 b front loading and the market has the advantage of the traditional 4 s shops, OEM cooperation, can with the help of their good control over the quality of product. “The disadvantage is that, you need to follow the rhythm of his, which may lead to entrepreneurs to encounter difficulties on time management. There is always a different challenge in a different perspective, as the entrepreneurs, what kind of questions they are good at management, that is more suitable for he comes in.”

in addition to the car network, for the current hot wearable devices, said deng yuan air-conditioning, not only in China, in a foreign country in its infancy, success is not a lot.

“you see, this is now not anymore.” Deng yuan air-conditioning waved the wrist Nike FuelBand said.