Q1 2014 mobile game report The card game revenues by more than 50%

recently, the application of collect data released the game in the first quarter of 2014. Application collect game center, according to online games, stand-alone online XinYou more than 50, which starts the game in March 21. In the first quarter of the warfare swim title by the blue port online new push 3 d card games “blade of god”, and the most popular single title of the game are old faces the crazy bird won.

online list: hot card games dominated income list big half

online download list, the edge of the gods, “warlords moon”, “red alert 4: the rise of great powers” occupies the top three. The “edge of god” because of its creative company that has accumulated in the blue port online in the past, even if only launched on March 20, download quickly occupied a quarter of total list at the top; The warlords moon is relying on the huge influence of the same animation, achieved the second in the download list, showed strong market potential.

online list of flowing water, leading the list is “gold saint”, “domineering river’s lake”, “red alert 4: the rise of great powers” game three. “Gold saint” in the online open beta in early January 2014, just two months rapidly on the suction gold placard top, the story of the game after the original plot, after wake up a large number of 80 for the memory of childhood, obtain the location of the top is understandable. The red alert 4: the rise of great powers in the two lists are achieved, third objective should reflect the good quality of the game.

it is worth noting that the two list of the top 10, card games are held seven seats, enough to see the hot card game now. From the mid – 2013, card games in the application of remit income has soared, occupy a larger share of income ratio.

in addition, from an hui rankings, and analyze some phenomena in the game: first, the popular game have greatly relations with the company’s brand awareness; Second, downloaded a lot of online game creating income is not high, the downloads and revenue upside down the phenomenon; Finally, the quality of the game itself is the most direct factors affecting a game life, such as “the dream one piece”, the two game, “I’m MT” launched several years still maintained a strong vitality.

single list: established after the game still waves to

single download list, and PUZ puzzle game, angry birds topped the list. Followed by the arcade games “fishing talent show” 1 “and action games” temple run 2 “.

single machine running water, a list of all the rage in the arcade games “fishing talent 2” series of top, also have high popularity of “temple run 2” and “plants vs zombies 2” is in running water in the list, 2, 3 respectively.

from single class list, a few game, in addition to the above mentioned list for the rest of the game, also is familiar to taste good, such as “to find your sister” series, “defend the radish” series, “the POPSTAR! Destroy the stars” series and so on. “Classic game of the second generation” popular, become an important trend in single machine list, also reflects the lack of high quality new side.

march powerful new disclosure:

application collect game center new online mobile game in March 21, 11 of online games, stand-alone game 10.

new online network game, there is no lack of “blade of god”, “domineering river’s lake” and so on was hugely popular. The “edge of god” is the condition of only ten days in online online to download the list of the top spot. Who produce the blue port online had produced “the sword of the king,” the sky’s sword 3 d “two work, accumulated a high popularity for its. It is worth mentioning that as the “World Cup” approaches, the major manufacturers are aimed at the hotspot, introduce related games products. Magical era from the everyday World Cup hot online, head start. In general, most of the new game is given priority to with the present hot card type.

new stand-alone game, the game is very rich in species, both with the movie synchronous online official tour “hand” the Beijing love story. Also has with the hit TV show “wild wheat card” online mobile game of the same name, also have the green farm, angry birds and other old book.