Qualcomm $300 million buyout Wilocity: 10 times faster than WiFi wireless transmission

according to, qualcomm is spent $3 a buyout Wilocity wireless communications technology and chip manufacturing company. The development of wireless communication technology chip, can be improved data transmission equipment, network download speed. Equipment transfer rate is highest among the ten times of existing wi-fi.

Wilocity is Israel a start-up company, its main business is the development of 60 GHZ wireless communication chip. Its technology and products can make mobile equipment, consumer electronics and computer peripheral equipment significantly enhance wireless communication speed. It is understood that the company’s wireless communication chip speed between 1-5 GBPS, a size of 16 gb 1080 p video, transmission between different devices only takes a few seconds.

as of last October, set up seven years of Wilocity has amounted to $105 million of financing, including Marvell Technology, cisco, and other investors, Benchmark Capital, sequoia Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, Tallwood Partners.

since 2012, Wilocity began to cooperation on a large scale with the international big companies such as qualcomm. At present the company has 70 employees, in Israel, the United States, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions with eps.

the media pointed out that the current deal is still in negotiations, the details is not clear.