Qualcomm to one hundred – year – old timex, make independent health smart meters

mentioned smart watches, it is generally have so several cognitive: first of all, smart watch with smart phones that was like peas and carrots, however, many functions, usage, namely will watch development has been the expansion of the smart phone accessories. Second, grasp the eyecare province environmental protection charge for a long time, the principle of smart watches screen mostly the E – ink electronic ink. Again, smart watches, after all, is not so strong, can not stand too big action of stuttering.

of course, the status quo is only the status quo. In the development of science and technology, the product also will continue to update and change. Own brand history of the United States in one hundred watch manufacturers Timex (Timex) recently to Qualcomm, Qualcomm to launch a new smart watches, to break the current smart watches the established form.

this cooperation launch new product called Timex Ironman One GPS +, is an independently using smart watches, size and Nike’s Sport Watch, adidas MiCoach, configured with a large size color touch screen, can support the GPS positioning, wireless communication based on E-mail, all-weather monitoring records the user’s movement speed, distance, and the location information, also can be in danger to family members and close friends to inform the user’s current location, or report the heart rate and other health information.

this One GPS + to connect the operator AT& T cellular network, the product itself comes with a one-year mobile data services. Than do not provide wireless smart watches, or a heavy reliance on smartphones work Pebble, the Galaxy smart watches, such as Gear One GPS + is more independent, and built-in wireless connection components, and can independently implement the related function.

One GPS + is expected to reach 50 meters underwater waterproof, ACTS as an MP3 player, bluetooth can also “part-time job”. Timex temporarily does not provide the range of One GPS + information, but can be predicted, if use qualcomm chip board, then this smart watches still more worth looking forward to the life, may be able to achieve a few days a charge.

now, timex and qualcomm cooperation of GPS + on the function of this One is quite aggressive, but at first glance, these functions expected more like a concept model watch, it is still a question whether can launch smoothly. Ironman, however, has long been a runner and other athletes first choice, if One GPS + would be able to launch, so can still and Garmin, Polar, the main sports market watches a rival.

of course, watch battery life is the key of the key, and it only until the end of the summer watches can be decided after the launch. At present this One GPS + has begun to accept reservation, priced at $399.95.