Query would upset giant sogou micro letter? Now concerning the success or failure early

sogou WeChat public number query after launch, trigger a huge amount of attention, like WeChat every action. Some say WeChat SEO immediately become a new business, someone says WeChat coat stripped out from the media, it has even been said WeChat public number query will help sogou overturn this giant baidu. The author is more conservative, I think the number of sogou now believe the public is still too early to tell if the queries concerning success or failure, sogou to associated with micro letter subversion both market, also is not set out.

sogou WeChat public number query is wang xiaochuan respond

when it released in sogou Q1 earnings from big end of sogou, and was probably related to WeChat. Now, is not everybody imagination of mobile search products, but WeChat public accounts content search. From my experience, sorting, the precision and the congruent aspects there are a lot of room for improvement, after all is only a test version, but it may be that the biggest challenges facing the people search on the PC used in the public account has yet to develop.

some worry that their content is plagiarism WeChat operators to nature can be used to find the thief, but the demand is not going to be the mainstream and high frequency, more not exist the so-called SEO. No one search, there is no SEO and SEM, and the content of the public account has enough structured, SEO can’t do too many things.
The current issue of the query can only search WeChat public subscription, compared with the millions of subscription number, service number not much, and given priority to with function, content is few and far between. Subscribe to blog properties similar to those of normal, is released and interactive platform, coincidentally sogou channel also has a blog search.

now the sogou WeChat public number query more like baidu search of weibo content, just data properties and the size is different. It is wang xiaochuan respond, and tell everyone micro letter with sogou consolidation has begun, other people don’t want to.

WeChat public imagination space in the mobile number query rather than social

even if only do public account content search, it is inevitably can play a role in the mobile terminal. To search by message the user needs to read, share, reply, can also click on the account name of a key concern. Search engine is not simple “find” already, but a complete information consumption experience. PC has WeChat public account aggregation and navigation website, but did not succeed in doing, it also reflects people WeChat public just need not PC number query.

WeChat social advantages can play on the search? Weak social attributes, content to produce less public account, but the circle of friends, micro letter group and peer-to-peer chat but vast amounts of data. Problem again, the letter friends circle and micro letter group is closed, the huge amounts of data are split in several small circle, everyone can see the data is limited, and micro letter support chat record search now. The openness of the QQ space will be larger, but its social search is not on the rise. Facebook launched the Graph Search is not successful, not to mention to topple Google, there has been no evidence that social networking can help to Search.

micro letter public query three opportunities: entrance, platforms and BigData

the first is the entrance to the position. User conveniently through it to universal mobile search, the search is not limited to the content of the public accounts, circle of friends or chat logs, but all can search the web, entities, and service, the search form could be text, voice, image, position and action.

in fact WeChat has supported barcode, translation, street view search, search lonely people such as shake again. If the WeChat as a browser, it web search channels.
Now I see is that WeChat voice, image search did not look good, nor to vigorously promote. May not want to with baidu too nervous. After all, in the mobile client claim to challenge baidu too many players. But more likely reason is WeChat encountered technical difficulties, it is not easy to develop a search team in the short term, especially good at text search, speech processing and image recognition of the team. Micro letter trying to make your own voice recognition, more than 20 people team, make you see, the effect of poor.

if WeChat loading sogou professional technical ability, I’m afraid there will be different results. Micro letter can become jingdong mall entrance, the critique of O2O entrance, why cannot and will not become sogou search entry?

the second is the platform of attributes. Micro letter is not a IM tool already, also is not just a social network, it is to connect all the mobile platform. Its integration with social networking, games, web browser, photo albums, electricity, finance, O2O, etc. Through public account that can be assembled, scalable, can be installed in the form of form open ecological lightweight applications. It is no exaggeration to say that micro letter has half of China mobile Internet. As more and more connected, and the introduction of sogou search ability, will have the opportunity to evolve a new search form.

finally had to tell me about big data. Search engine to the visual impression of a lot of people is the search box, is to C tools. But it is not. Through the accumulation of text processing, data capture, semantic understanding, such as machine learning ability, it has the strongest ability of big data processing and mining. WeChat have vast amounts of data, data, if you can open to its dry brothers digging, will produce a great deal of value, but all this is transparent to the user.

WeChat public query the current version number because in PC and search content is too general, not much surprise. If WeChat to cooperate more with sogou in mobile end, the birth of a new kind of mobile search is also not impossible. Forget about social, forget the circle of friends, remember that the entry of the micro letter, platform and large data attributes, this is the real potential of micro letter on search, sogou have to do is to help it to activate the potential, also give yourself a chance to change the search pattern.

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