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legal electricity for so long, take up the bubble is there are many, but the real hair color really few . They offer nothing but efficiency, have moved to online, offline law have to do their own lawyers, lawyers have do platform services. But there is a common, all didn’t go to reject the industry’s cake to eat it all off .

Internet advocates the single point of breakthrough, positioning clear. nibble away all doomed to eat the indecent or chewing not broken down . Recent legal electric commercial samples, blended, specializing in intellectual property law, electricity to intellectual property rights, early investment for lenovo star millions dollars.

focus and positioning precision can make entrepreneurs walk light .

it should be said fast justice also belong to go light company, positioning service for entrepreneurs, to do the vertical business legal service . Focus on the business entrepreneurs to make line regression is unified, not to go into ordinary civil law or labor law. But around startups this piece, the inside of the registered company, bookkeeping agency, brand service, service contract, the copyright services say much, but he didn’t leave the startup this category.

relative legal benefits of all online electricity can, justice have quickly. Lower than the market price, more professional one-on-one service, rapid fluid can be monitored, intimate, each piece of business related processes and common problems that may encounter in the service purchase list out below. No long nonsense, a look can be clear at a glance.

So let’s return to

came up behind them and customers to legal personnel, where are they from? fast justice does not have its own law firm, also does not have full-time contract lawyers, with technical background means they guarantee that order can get timely service in 15 minutes . How to do it?

now fast legal do business legal services focused on Beijing’s side, quick justice, Beijing has nearly 100 in legal services in the market a professional lawyer machine agents to join us. Fast legal co-founder Kevin, nearly 20 years experience in commercial legal services. Lawyer docking can do quality checks. “disintermediated” entrepreneurs to legal requirements and legal service professionals bridge get through, again to match supply and demand. List for lawyers, for entrepreneurs to save some cost. Mainly on the efficiency and the professional service on the standard model .

these services is only experience can feel rare, details on the service will be a great influence on the whole experience effect. Lawyers for new signing, fast legal the unified service requirements, will have a standard control process details. Over his perception .

quick justice to every new registered company of a set of unified customers put the goods such as business license and seal boxes, also with a belongs to the legal service after sales book of start-ups, content is customers own entrepreneurial type company what kind of legal risks will be encountered in a certain stage, also gives the corresponding solutions. Process details and really worth doing.

quick justice in addition to product plate, the knowledge base is also a bright spot. brings together all aspects of the business law knowledge, entrepreneurs to finish see also knows what the note on the entire process, strengthen, improve what .

is different from the traditional legal electricity service, focused on a point to breakthrough, perfectly. That is perhaps the law electricity in the market based on the . Eat good and gentle, he le.

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