Quickly pushed the blind customized version of the software Zero overweight public subsidies era

hunting cloud network message at noon on May 19,

fast taxi yesterday (the nation-wide) officially launched its optimized version of the software for the blind and visually impaired groups. It is understood that the current fast website provides the android version of the download, also will soon complete the iOS version of optimization.

fast taxi co-founder Zhao Dong, said the launch of the optimized version of the software is designed for the blind and visually impaired groups demand was improved, making reading screen tools more easily convert the information in the software into speech, so as to facilitate the special users.

it is understood that at present, the blind users use the fast taxi the country has more than one thousand people. Zhao Dong said, “since last year there are many blind people use fast, the release version of the look from the interface of the blind and normal version there is no difference, but in terms of user experience and habits more in line with the requirements of the blind”.

to this, the personage inside course of study says, because most of the mobile phone software design is too complex, the blind and visually impaired in use will feel very difficult, IT companies at the same time of rapid development, should also pay attention to vulnerable groups demand.

a taxi fast so far has covered nearly 300 cities, China’s IT research center released the 2014 Q1 taxi software market monitoring report shows that fast taxi market share of 57.6%, occupy the industry first.

this is CCTV reported: