Rainbow of bus, crowdsourcing bring good word of mouth

many bus application, the rainbow is one of the most of. In an interview with the rainbow Sun Qingxin, founder of the bus, because my question no urine. Sun Qingxin think articles will not be great. Tell me about this industry actively, updated my view on the industry, by the way.

a rainbow bus is internal picture technology start-ups. October 13 years rainbow bus independent split, in special operations. As a help for the mass travel products. Public transport in the field of mobile bus query, rainbow is a rigorous professional travel essential tools.

to Sun Qing new view, the current bus type products mostly in baidu map users, because he is too fat, and focused on do entrepreneurs are more likely to have a breakthrough in this field, the premise is must be professional. And can’t see the details, also need to improve. Because of this industry can attract users to come over, only two points, one is good, is a professional.

Sun Qingxin told me, in fact, professional reflect on the users cannot see behind the data, now the rainbow is Google map of bus, 12580, Beijing information kiosks and other hundreds of units of bus data provider. To put it bluntly, in fact, the core competitiveness lies in the data update) and at the moment, the bus data there is a flaw in the industry, the update is difficult. Because of the general public transport data from Scott and four dimensions. Data update is slow, but they (from bus was isolated in the POI data), the rainbow is on the basis of the four dimensions, on the bus fans and paying customers to provide the update of the rainbow.

but even so, due to urban transformation, fast and the expansion of the city. Data update efficiency will delay. So did a rainbow: crowdsourcing data. Is to let users participate in the bus lines, the site of authorization. Through the background the rainbow team review after the update online. Team regularly to contribute data for users of rewards, to encourage this kind of behavior.

crowdsourcing the advantage of data update in time, word of mouth set up quickly. Crowdsourcing Sun Qingxin told me that the rainbow without data before the user’s data feedback for ten days and half months to change well online, second – and third-tier cities even impossible to verify. Occasional users also complain about emotions. Crowdsourcing is adopted, the user can modify directly, the background on the day of the audit, will be able to launch the next day, and the application background will keep record, after successful change will notify the user, such a rapid and positive feedback will slowly turned up rainbow of word of mouth. This is the power of crowdsourcing.

in Sun Qingxin eye, data is the core of all map software. Users with product is to check the bus transfer. If the data is wrong, it’s all wrong.

about the future business model, Sun Qing shin, it is not too to consider. Mainly doing the user. The future direction of social will go, but the team now think it is premature, current bus location or rainbow on the tool. Late products will around the bus station, the bus along the supply and demand information, such as rent, second-hand, goods, services, trade, etc. Around the time consumption do commercial O2O and debris will be in the future exploration.

now, bus field bus doing product besides the rainbow there is such as: 8684 bus, love help bus, panda bus, passenger bus, cool meters for bus and baidu bus and other products, industry is not so fierce. But back to the product itself, as a tool, accuracy in product and is the first in the eyes of the user.

a rainbow bus

website: http://mobile.mapbar.com/rainbowbus/

company: Beijing rainbow heaven and earth science and technology co., LTD.

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