Read the enjoyable oh! See the 2014 video three kingdoms

three kingdoms must have all played, recently on the Internet to see such a group of pictures, the “big three” carry out video field make a plate of point PK, although is a game, but is not without interest:

this figure will happy, love in the center and youku as we war: wei shu wei, cao cao domineering too, joy as Jia Yueting also worthy the name; Have been compared himself to rich dad chuan shu Liu Beiai speak affectedly, must belong to iQIYI gong ning. Skilled in Persia dongwu sun quan image and big brother also youku Victor.

of xiong wei – see:

according to Mr. Yi zhongtian, three kingdoms eventually to wei, from wei takes days, geography, and. Timing: the eastern han dynasty last years han fall highlighting, cao cao conveniently as the biggest warlords group; Location: wei of the central plains region, the most advanced productivity, the most abundant substance; And: cao cao “meritocracy, airing, side around a group of great wisdom and deep seeks the YuanLve curiosities, such as country, xun yu, can be found in the work of choose and employ persons. Take the cao contrast Letv, the big BOSS is lean, vision and broad-minded, endeavor to open, pedestrians have not line. Timing: catch up with the Internet subverts the traditional content, the hardware and the software industry trend; Location: Letv quickly established a content of the “platform + + terminal + application” ecological and the layout of the five screen linkage; And, in terms of film and television content, who more than zhang yimou and xiaolong zheng wrist? But it is not enough, “the most terrible is smarter than you are more diligent than you are”, le see also constantly expand the content in line, especially in the aspect of homemade addition: in apparent on July 2, Shanghai Summer Show on the commercial subject queen meme, comperes Jacky wu, fashion godmother Sue mans, Korea auteur guo jiing jersey to join four people, presents four new homemade program, four fights to enjoy, is strong as self-control.

to obtain all the strategy, the founding of liu shu regime have ZhuGeLiangZhi “longzhong to”, sun wu regime has lu su “couch the best policy” is in accordance with the plan, and cao wei regime is according to the specific situation at that time, seeking truth from facts and improve gradually. Look at music as the proposed three homemade weapons “moving company”, “Social topic” and “super big” from the perspective of user needs, real-time adjusted according to user’s preferences, more audience. Released on the day of the 3 categories Letv homemade new products, production of signing party in addition to the four studios, also includes many famous content production organizations such as the appropriate galloping horse, all day, the city media as well as the first finance and economics, economic reports such top financial media in the 21st century.

the cao’s strategic thought is in all directions, outsize. Sun wu is protected with the Yangtze river, liu shu is risk plug with majestic mountains, although have the function of guarding city but lack the strength to attack. Cao Wei Zhiguo zhijun, focused on strategy, marching in heavily, wasteland heavy farm production, in the state of wei, everyone take responsibility. This happy depending on the ecological strategy of bore a striking resemblance. Vertical integration of industrial chain mode for each ring leave a broad space for cooperation and development, for the recruitment of high quality partners. Since 2004 the earliest Letv buy copyright build China’s largest film copyright library, to January 1, 2013 started the Letv midday homemade theater building China’s first homemade Internet platform, and cao wei who say that declared the first pull rod.

the 702 meeting, the most watched all Letv product segmentation strategy is put forward, will be introduced to the product manager thinking of user-generated content, the innovation of the mode may be on the video industry to bring a new height. Letv homemade, therefore, has become a important part of the Letv ecological, vertical industry chain mode of subsoil will give Letv lay the most solid foundation for the expansion of the empire.

cleverness with shu – iQIYI:

while under the influence of the romance of The Three Kingdoms, Chinese traditionally take shu and liu bei as han is the new moons, but close scrutiny, shu doesn’t have taken all the conditions: terrain enclosed sichuan dish, conformity and superabundant and enterprising. Overly dependent on zhuge liang shu, failed to establish a talent pool; After liu chan and the heart how can hurt? So, shu is always in the self-styled emperor of arteries and veins, speak affectedly, left to right, also fill five tiger general, however, are eager to state, eventually the throne, also fell a taping. And today iQIYI cried out, his father, throw money for listing.

trend does not help the shu, and shu’s own strategy is not up for debate, this is love in the problem: first, zhuge liang’s “longzhong to” just a strategic framework, the lack of detailed strategic planning. It’s like love in the three major studio strategy, has to the Liu Chun and XiaoSong, still from previous product model, the lack of improvement strategy of advancing with The Times. Second, the three pillar, after the formation of Liu Beizhan jingzhou from hanzhong, military victory let shu relaxed vigilance of cao wei, the shu han internal for politics also know, blindly garnered far, fame and fortune. Love the way in the so buy with the talent, the loyalty of placing general shape. Soldiers battlefield mistrust is taboo, is the biggest hidden danger iQIYI studio mode. Third, zhuge liang belligerency, close to everything, can’t promote exercise talent. Although it’s like love in the so-called big four studio, but xu is the nucleus, as for gao and Liu Chun who can guarantee don’t run away again? Fourth, Ma Donghe Liu Chun legislation, Liu Chun was revealed in a few days before has turned to ali, the three can be as closed military life, three brothers liu is unknown. Fifth, in the face of the arrival of the era of mobile, has relied on close father love baidu diversion to maintain in the day is comfortable, now should have overwhelmed, baidu itself after love in the acquisition of PPS, PPS is frequent in copyright issues, results the merger failed to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 is greater than 2. Sixth, the shu of the failure, a failure is in guan yu loses jingzhou, love in the continuation of homemade dou style big investment on the content end programs, or even spend a lot of money to underwrite gao, but it’s hard to tell the XiaoSong legendary “is not in jingzhou city, business for many years but is accounted for by others.

look at love in the back, is a technique used. Dou dou, after all, even if the shu backer again strong, still can’t pick up.

prospects are grim dongwu – youku:

the soochow youku ordered, it is because he played CARDS and shu wei is not a way. Dongwu conservative strategy, it should be said that began in the sun, with sun quan lu su in over the world trend, has established for sun quan2 paints a picture of wang industry strategic ambitions, but sun quan did not do as lu su this strategic ideas. Red cliff after only several years effort, the liu two turn, lead to alliance thoroughly burst. Yiling battle, soochow hasn’t establish new development goals and compete for the key, only figure however, adventurous.

early youku “11 degrees youth” series fire only a old boy, this time because of a small apple piece across the network of old boy 2 “is on the big screen, is unable to issue, the great movie to see pictures to run. It is like the sun quan2 for wu shu united, as his sister married, hard to operate the homemade brand to music as the bottom drawer. In “xiao said,” run away, after all together day should be released “never imagined 2” recently began to broadcast on youtube, but afterwards just know, all appropriate team has been in and see us day homemade cooperation from the senior know “this new concept of homemade encyclopedia comedy shows, I wonder if victor koo’s mood is the same as when the sun quan.

The content of the

at present, youku homemade production has reached hundreds of sets, really only a few of the audience recognition. 300 million the size of the homemade, but big spending did not gain a big impact, in addition to “never expected” report to the boss “several excellent work, the rest of the spending is gone. At the end of the day, youku homemade strategy with self as the core and too conservative. And it makes me think of soochow, founding sixty years, also have murderous look quite early, but indecisive to late gradually have the minister may fall, but now youku old ancient recognize the ma dad! Grieve sun quan also ~ now by the financial support of ali crazy investment user-generated content, and puts forward the concept of great self-control in the near future, large-scale, big investment, big screen, big, big influence cooperation, not to the user demand, this completely is not in the user Angle of homemade concept is some air-to-air.

history, wei shu with the powerful state of conquering each other, we lasted for more than 40 years. In the long history of our country, it can almost be short. Today, both of the Chinese Internet video industry trend, presumably will be in the Internet and click on the user’s time and time again, touch and remote control operation, the dust settles quickly. Who will finally choose history, not only depends on the efforts and agood choice, there is no lack of again history inevitable factors, who chose the first in line with the industry development direction of route, and firmly in place, good integration of resources, who can be the final winner. Now, it is evident that the most advanced models, based on the Internet product managers thinking as the breakthrough point, using the “big data, user participation, the topic of marketing” such as ideas, according to Internet behavior reverse custom video content, namely video homemade “Letv model”. Ultimately benefit, is the broad masses of netizens, of course, when we can through the television, mobile phone, PC, PAD, and even movie screen, not to appreciate the content of the various elements have a real Internet, and participate in, we will sincerely thank those who once giants killing for us.