Rebekah accused millet 4 steel art “fool”, to build 3.0 model mobile phone

on July 22, hunting cloud network (wen xuan/day)

in millet was released at the national conference center with a steel art m 4, one hundred percent from shenzhen company also in all the way across the hotel held another communication will be.

one hundred percent, chairman xu topic core to see there are two, one is mobile phone aesthetics; The second is new era mobile phone game. The former is a subsidiary of rebekah mobile phone, compared with that with m 4 design aesthetics of the latter is rebekah mobile operating strategy in the future.

100 + PK millet Oriental aesthetics “art of steel plate”

from the point of meeting preparation, one hundred percent knew the company m 4 will adopt the strategy of the design of the steel frame. Xu began hitting m 4 process design “pain points” : a copycat iPhone, austenitic 304 stainless steel used for the material, reduce the cost as well as poor quality weight, heat dissipation, impact signal and other issues.

his rivals at the same time, xu lead to art and design from the perspective of user demand, technological level, key topics, such as rewards and dramatically “Oriental aesthetic design of the phone.

it is reported that one hundred percent of the company’s latest 100 + V6 mobile phone choose plastic as the back cover material, created in the technological innovation, simply summed up as: 1. Get inspiration from inside the game, with no box cloud son curve in the back cover design, the 5.5 -inch screen phones have excellent grip feeling; 2. Glass fiber plus top injection molding technology, ensure the material toughness; 3. Top paint imported from Japan, the Swiss watch spraying process, three grinding process, the plastic material for simulation of ceramic, metal texture; 4. The whole body all 121 CNC hole location accurate to micron level, perfect radium vulture. 5. Totally enclosed fuselage and excellent dustproof effect, improve durability and reliability.

xu words reveal a core meaning, 100 + V6 mobile phone is better than millet. Exactly how, of course, but also the user to do the final evaluation.

100 + new way of thinking: hardware zero profit

although the birth of 100 + time is not long, but xu is the domestic mobile phone veterans, in 2002, is a cool cell phone division general manager, the 2004 global marketing director, President of huawei terminals; Started in 2012, 100 + mobile phone, baidu strategic investment from 22.5% in November, 2013.

the core of his appeal is: Oriental beauty, to do “phone” really suitable for the children of the east, minimalist, inside collect, balanced and delicate. This year V6 mobile is under the concept of product, the main “video phone.

competitive pressures in the industry, the rise of 4 g, 3 g mobile reshuffle. Xu said will be done in the form of the Internet age 3.0 mobile phone products, the core is to accomplish hardware zero profits, a new model of service charge.

in his view, the traditional enterprises such as nokia, MOTOROLA represents the phone 1.0, on behalf of apple, millet mobile phone 2.0, mainly take the lead in introducing the Internet thinking, despite the heyday, but they have a common characteristic is to build industry closed loop, control of industry profits, extrusion partners living space (only a iOS, a based on android). 3.0 times, consumer demand for mobile phone quality and the price is becoming more and more high, the concept of mobile phone represent also more and more attention. Therefore, rebekah cell phone (100 +) to do is through art pursuit to build product quality process, hardware sales model laid on zero profit product markets.

specific how to do? Xu said that rebekah phones do is similar to the Nike brand, put all the focus on brand building and product design. In production and sales link, and only do supervision and control, the channel flat, thoroughly integrated industrial chain, return the hardware all profits to partners and users. And profit model, and determined from the aspect of software to meet the needs of users, completely to the user as the center, value-added for the user. In the form that the relation of trust each other, after the user is the core of enterprise assets, business model and there are endless possibilities.