Recently a little tired of Microsoft, “custom” Windows equipment for China?

maybe, Microsoft has some serious legal problems in China, but the company remains committed to develop products suitable for the Chinese market, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Responsible for Microsoft’s mobile affairs director Joe Belfiore currently on his weibo account to tweet revealed: for the Chinese market to develop new Windows PCS, tablets and smartphones, has formed a new team of Microsoft.

Belfiore says: “we and our Cortana bing team work together to complete the task is specifically for the Chinese market. We are, in fact, my team to form a set up in Beijing’s team, to specifically focused on for the Chinese market development, smart phones and tablet PC. There will be a great good thing coming!”

a Microsoft executives said that the company will continue to WP mobile phone market in China, and in the next few months there will be new equipment into the market. He said: “we have recognized, before to increase investment in the Chinese market, completes the localization work is extremely important. Such as providing support dual SIM card, the td-scdma LTE, WED project is advantageous to the Chinese equipment manufacturers such as manufacturing WP.” , of course, these devices will be as cheap as expected, because Microsoft hope and Chinese market cheap Android tablet and smartphone compete on prices

coincidentally, Microsoft is now China’s encounter all sorts of trouble, one of which is the local governments are to Microsoft, possible extrusion for local enterprise behavior of antitrust investigation. Some Chinese officials have raided several offices in China, Microsoft confiscated computers and related documents, and find relevant personnel to carry on the deep investigation to help determine whether company law laws and regulations. Earlier this year, the Chinese government decided to ban on government doing system installed on the computer, in order to ensure the government information security. Some government officials explained that Microsoft is likely to leave the back door in the Windows system for stealing state secrets. Microsoft quickly denied the allegations, and points out that when all of these problems, the company will continue to cooperate with the government as well as provide Windows 7 system.