Regression of investment and financing events every week, copyright, social dark horse

in recent days the Internet hot hot, corporate finance one after the other. It is the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled the investment and financing of information every week, take you to a glance.

the domestic company

1. headlines today received C $100 million round of sequoia capital investment led sina weibo and

today’s headline ( was founded in 2012, is a personalized recommendation engine information aggregation based mobile phone applications, automatic fetching, the contents of the integration of social network users, and other services, according to user’s interest automatically recommendations, currently has 120 million users, 40 million active users. Today’s headline today announced a $100 million C round of investment, sequoia capital, sina weibo, and shots. After today’s headlines won A DST investment, SIG susquehanna tens of millions of dollars to B wheel, such as hundreds of millions of dollars, such as A round of investment in Asia.

2. fast teeth get $20 million B round IDG capital investment led

fast teeth ( was founded in 2012, is a mobile phone and mobile sharing tools, currently more than 50 million active users. Has revealed the company has received $20 million B round of investment, led by IDG capital investment, quick after tooth won the school, innovation works millions of dollars to A round of investment; Also won a source millions of dollars of venture capital to participate in such as angel investors.

3. stranger social applications “near” received A $15 million round of investment

distance ( was founded in 2012, is a main “only call strangers” voice calls and social applications, users have reached 20 million, including female users accounted for 35%, when the cumulative call 11.0376 million minutes. The company has received A $15 million round of investment, jointly by qiming, morningside venture capital investment.

4, great you get $30 million C wheel lianchuang investment policy source led

great ( was founded in 2012, is a women’s health by menstrual health as the core care of mobile applications, the current products, more than 45 million people registered users, 3.2 million active users. The company today announced a $30 million C round of investment, organized by lianchuang led source, sequoia capital and bertelsmann and shot.

5 and electric business of foreign trade “spiderman” science and technology for IDG capital millions of dollars to A round of investment

man, science and technology ( was founded in 2011, is a foreign trade e-commerce sites, the main wedding album printing services. Users in the man’s website DIY photo album, spiderman, entrust domestic factory production and processing, and sales to overseas customers. The company has announced for IDG capital millions of dollars to A round of investment, cross the capital source and angel investment institutions.

the foreign company

1. programmer recruitment website Gild received $13.5 million B round

Gild ( was founded in 2011, is a main programmer recruitment services website, by aggregating linkedin, making, Facebook, open information, such as Google Code for programmers to access to relevant information collection, aggregation, ratings, recommendations and other services, the company has received $13.5 million B round of investment, by Mark Kvamme, SAP Ventures, the Correlation Ventures, Menlo Ventures such as joint investment, so the company financing for more than 25.9 million dollars.

2. RichRelevance personalized recommendation service received a new $20 million investment

RichRelevance ( was founded in 2006, is a personalized recommendation technology, through to the consumer shopping behavior, data analysis, help retailers to provide personalized online shopping experience. The company has received a new round of investment, $20 million by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Greylock Partners, the lack of Capital, such as joint investment.


household decorates for Houzz website service $150 million D wheel investment

Houzz ( was founded in 2009, is a company from the United States share household decoration and design, designers and docking services platform, currently has 20 million monthly active users. The company has received $150 million D round of investment, but did not disclose the specific investment institutions, so that the company’s total funding to $198.6 million.

4, human resources outsourcing platform Zenefits received $66 million B round

Zenefits ( was founded in 2013, is a medium-sized enterprise human resources outsourcing service provider, remuneration, welfare, insurance and other kinds of services. The company has received $66 million B round of investment, composed of Andreessen Horowitz, Institutional Venture Partners, led, SV Angel, Hydrazine Capital with, such financing the company accumulated more than $84 million.

5 and Kobalt music copyright trading service won a $140 million investment

Kobalt Music Group ( was founded in 2001, is one of the Music copyright to distribute copyright trader and trading service company, mostly to help artists and composers such as track and collect royalties for streaming media service provider, the company has received a new $140 million investment, by Balderton Capital, MSD Capital, Spark Ventures, joint investment, after the company won a $16 million investment. Data reference IT orange

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