Reheat, online education is difficult to resist the inertia of people

hunting cloud network May 7

online education was hot, YY, ali, baidu kill in. Internet education have sprung up one by one, but the real root of too little too little.

pure Internet online education website, currently the development is not very ideal, but those derived from offline agencies online education enterprise development of the basin filled with full of gold.

found a characteristic, always pure online Internet education site, is partial content, free page is excellent. The main user experience, and curriculum quality and outstanding performance in free. But it is not how to flow. On the contrary, there are offline agencies of the Internet is more of the online education website as an extension of education contact area, or to make a show and remedy market means. But they have strong cash flow, live not bad so far.

the reason in where?

the reason with, online access to the user’s high cost than offline, there will be someone there to marginal effect, for one thing, but there is a kind of explanation, is the fact that the online access to a user, the user finally learn from start to finish, stay in this website will be how much percentage of completion. At the last paid conversion process, and there will be multiple proportion.

although offline education market access to the user’s cost is high, but their conversion rates are high, by contrast, the marginal cost of the Internet and offline high conversion rates can be a draw, but the premise is in pure online education site on the basis of many users. What is the most lack of Internet, it is the traffic. So destined, pure Internet online product way can be hard to go in the future.

high culture is seen as a pure Internet online education, the lowbrow can when Internet online education become an offline agencies. Based on the current situations of exam-oriented education and the constitution, predictably, the future, with offline agencies to take online two legs will have a better online education enterprise.

but don’t be so early, because free this sword will always play a role. Pure Internet online education should be in a big city, second – and third-tier cities do offline training institutions, doesn’t have to walk down the traditional way. May try to boot, the offline agencies as after-school tutoring places, student exchange dating sites, the in the mind of the lecture, always make it can attract users to place. Offline as an entity stumbles, will allow the user to have a cozy feeling and sense of belonging. Offline organization into a student exchange sites, for users to pay into there will be more sure.

such a virtuous circle, there will be two benefits, one can be continuously bring students, form the positive word-of-mouth. Both can be paid into bring more success. Finally, the online education not only solved the user acquisition costs, and can raise the transformation rate of users to pay plus courses of high quality, excellent experience, not impossible to overtake curves.

but in spite of this, we still ignore the human factor, the inertia will study stumbles, only a person have a lot of self-control can be overcome. But whatever you do, there is a growing online education development will be in the future, this is everything won’t change. Companies in the competition, but is never behave s way, who will be the next big online education: two legs to run and not conform!