Ren high-profile foreign reason: show insider said

cloud network hunting note: on June 16, huawei’s founder ren zhengfei, for the first time accepted the media interview in China, for the first time meet the curiosity of people. In LaoJi, ren zhengfei, who actually spread, and is especially good at exactly the opposite. Before, we’ve seen many of his internal speech, these “accidentally” spread out speech, largely to outsiders. The author thinks that the ren high-profile also showed insider said.

the author: JiYongQing

reasoning from this Angle, ren zhengfei, this time out to the media, in fact largely to huawei internal propaganda. For this, in fact, he himself was defiant. Some time ago, huawei in several newspapers published a strange page AD, advertising is only one person, is the academician xiao-wen li barefoot lectures, and only a slogan: “huawei adhere to the spirit? Is really learn from xiao-wen li “. Ren in the Chinese media interview made it clear that, in fact “also show employees do a advertising, purpose is to hope that huawei could continue, package adhere to the spirit of hard struggle.”

now that you have through the newspaper ads to huawei internal propaganda, why even further to the media, you know, ren zhengfei, this is the first time. LaoJi thinks that ren hope he the more intense the signals. Why need to be more strong? Because of my poor team brought. In an interview, he also very freely admit, “in fact, we all don’t listen to us, many employees, including senior cadres, they often ignore the company’s folder, but draw energy from the Internet”.

in LaoJi point of view, in the past, 27 years for such a big success, success is largely a talent. In huawei was small, ren zhengfei, talents, and extreme importance to talent, to talent is extremely high. , of course, the telecom industry is belong to the “high, big,” industry, huawei to afford the treatment. LaoJi impression deepest is around 2000, huawei has been able to Beijing university graduates to the whole class the whole class to accept.

at the time of recruit students, huawei children who love to enroll the family is. Each college students in huawei, should pass about training, huawei’s culture and values to them. Mount guard after will also give him with a mentor, continue to instill huawei’s enterprise spirit. In the process of interview in the past ten years, contacted many typical LaoJi huawei, they love their own businesses, extreme don’t allow anyone to own enterprise, LaoJi often because many spoke a few words, is they scold the wall.

it can’t help letting LaoJi think of zeng guofan, remembered he led by xiang, that also only recruits faces faithfulness cocoon of the farmers, hands, and then give them instill strong “loyal patriotism”. How can such a team without fighting? It is xiang finally overwhelmed the strikes down most of the taiping heavenly kingdom in China. However, when captured nanjing xiang has began to deteriorate. Zeng guofan’s “nine brother” Ceng Guoquan team led by the city after they plundered, xiang generals are moved to the home to treasure. Since then xiang gradually decline, founded by li hongzhang huai army instead.

huawei internal condition of now, I’m afraid that xiang entered Nanking when there is a little similar condition. Last year, huawei’s turnover exceeded the Ericsson to become the industry leader, has fostered JiaoJiao 2 gas and down and some huawei has not put any company in the eyes. Even the ren himself shouted out in public to transcend beyond cisco, Google slogan.

however, as xiang could beat the taiping heavenly kingdom are not going to be able to win over guns, now huawei is faced with a powerful external forces, it is the Internet. The Internet came, it impacts huawei’s original business on the one hand, is more severe stormed the huawei’s hearts.

this strong impact, in fact, around 2000 or so just happened once. In the first wave of the Internet’s climax, huawei executives li yinan, Huang Yaoxu and others chose to leave huawei to entrepreneurship, this brought huawei people at that time a great shock. Since then, Mr Ren to take extreme measures killed li yinan founded by companies such as port, was able to stabilise the morale.

now, there has been a big difference. Front is more and more long, huawei has become increasingly unable to kill those huawei startup, a growing number of huawei also wisely chose to the brink of huawei’s business to business, they founded the company, some have done rather well. Before, for example, huawei executives shu-sheng zheng founded tip, yu, macro Chinese fir three companies have done are flawed, xu hundred companies have won a capital injection, baidu ZhuoRi grams of “tiger” has become one of the most widely used local life App.

there are more people by the Internet company huawei to account, they are familiar with the process of the multinational company and management, and international experience, unique business environment in China, understand more clearly than those in a multinational company only plated gold “pidgin executives” it is better to make more. So LaoJi saw the former huanan as vice-president Hu Yong is helping baidu abroad from the front, former huanan for terminal CMO xu joined jingdong is responsible for overseas business.

the students will also not huawei as their employment choice. LaoJi often got some university graduates consulting, asking after graduation go to huawei or Internet companies. Although LaoJi give them are unbiased advice, but in the end only to find that most of them are headed for the Internet company. And it is easy to understand: although pure on the treatment of it are not worse than most Internet companies, huawei but I’m afraid a more open and free environment is more suitable for the individual character make public “after 90”.

in the face of such situation, ren zhengfei, oneself also very helpless: “in fact, we are faced with the reality, they are missing. Said to the IPO, which enterprise our people will ran there, we are not able to withstand the Internet companies for us.” Huawei greatly improve treatment, will you? Obviously not, because “we do is big platform, can’t inspire a few, need motivation is one hundred and fifty thousand people, if treatment is very high, one hundred and fifty thousand people to the customer for a lot of money, who is willing to give?” LaoJi to paraphrase a fashionable word, huawei, now is “falling telecommunications industry environment, and the contradiction between the talent demand rising of rich and colorful”, this is afraid is no solution of the contradiction. Combined with huawei very unique “virtual restricted rights” system, make the contradiction more unanswered.

LaoJi think, no longer attract talent will no longer have a strong cohesion of huawei, ren is the most afraid of huawei. And he worried, and the two doses of prescriptions for huawei.

is a dose of “Chinese medicine”, ren zhengfei, trying to all the staff to the arduous struggle the spirit of “xiao-wen li”, 15 wanhua is the will of the reunification. Another agent is “western medicine”, ren zhengfei, by further advocates the “blue blood outstanding”, the western management to benefit.

in LaoJi view, however, the effects of two doses of limited, I’m afraid. All kinds of spiritual if not with powerful combination of material incentive, at least with the company’s bright future together, receiving the effect is not too good. We also often advocate the learning that in the past, the final effect how? We all understand.

LaoJi think that want to western management benefit and yes, I am afraid, but huawei now learning object has some problems. Starting in 1996, huawei is largely based on IBM division, study the IBM IPD, ISC, IFS, LTC, the management mode is very suitable for big business, apply to “concentrate – control” enterprises. In the Internet age, the management pattern also can be used? I am afraid, want to make a question mark. We have already seen, under the impact of the Internet, the former “big blue” IBM is transformation, and the difficulty of this transformation, I’m afraid that once Mr Gerstner took office after that.

if the past a lot of big companies fail is due to poor management, fall in the age of the Internet a lot of big companies, is precisely because the management is too perfect, perfect to the point of stifling creativity, kodak, for example, we see the nortel, MOTOROLA and nokia, MOTOROLA and the inventor of the famous management tool “six sigma”?

so LaoJi very suspicious of ren zhengfei, this time through the media propaganda effect. As one of China’s most successful and most admired entrepreneurs, ren zhengfei, is undoubtedly wise, but he still couldn’t surpass its own historical limitations.