Ren said: huawei resolute don’t listed He had never used a veto

huawei’s founder, ren zhengfei, once said that the shareholders of listed companies are always greedy, short-sighted. News from FT.COM, said in a news conference held recently in London, his attitude firmly to the western news reporters that huawei is not for sale.

ren said: “in fact, the shareholders (the public) are always very greedy, they want to drain as soon as possible every profit of the company, while with the company would not be so greedy. The reason we can outpace rivals, one of the reasons is that there is no listing.”

who can’t say the city is not transparent

American and Australian authorities to worry about the relationship between the Chinese government said, but rare in this release ren said, even though the telecom equipment giant is not listed, but it has a high enough transparency. Since Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) disclosure document said the national security agency (NSA) had intruded huawei’s server, the debate has been in the last few months in one direction.

ren said that he was subjected to sceptical about monitoring, huawei but snowden disclosure documents can be used to emphasize the company did not hide anything. “The U.S. government’s monitoring behavior is no surprise.” He said. “I think, my side is no secret.” But he also said that huawei will strengthen the “high technology” of the development of protection. At present, huawei has become a leading equipment in the field of telecommunications network and intelligent equipment providers.

for a long time, ren zhengfei, before 1983, the Chinese military background is doubtful, prompting speculation the United States and other countries huawei with links to the Chinese government. Huawei was founded in 1987, when the original investment is only 21000 yuan; And today, the company has rapidly grown into a large multinational companies, the annual revenue up to about $40 billion.

in Australia, huawei has been banned for some state-owned to bid for the contract; A report to be released in the United States, congress has sparked concerns about huawei contact between the Chinese government, but the report did not provide any substantial evidence of wrongdoing. As a result, huawei has been forced to cut the U.S. market business.

ren said that huawei is not necessary to provide greater transparency by means of the listed, and after the shareholder ownership will bring risks to the company. Huawei company to its employees, the move called ren is a “long-term perspective”.

never use the veto

ren zhengfei, the incumbent chairman of huawei, with decisions on the company’s veto. Under his three rotating chief executive, has control of the operations. Ren said he never used the veto, but prefer to consultation with company executives. He added that huawei has not yet decided how the future will take leadership structure, but “we always want to find a successor mechanism”.

according to ren’s forecast, the next four years, huawei’s annual revenue doubling in May, to $70 billion to $70 billion. But, he says, in the short term, huawei will not in order to enhance intelligent device or any telecommunications equipment business, mergers and acquisitions. Huawei revenue rose by nearly 12% last year, to $39.5 billion, net profit of $3.5 billion. In this year, huawei r&d investment spending reached $5.1 billion. Ren said the company will continue to make new product development as a key.

ren said, huawei will continue in the UK and welcome huawei investment activities of some European countries. He added that continue to invest in the area of business means that huawei will be regarded as a European company in the future.

founder of “shy”

ren zhengfei, a self-described “shy” person, and there are few hobbies. He founded huawei though, however, were a defeat in the early days, but now it has become one of the world’s largest science and technology group co., LTD. At a news conference in London, he is a rare talked about his early experience: “work and make money, besides other interests. My personal life is not so rich and colorful.” Subsequently, prompted in a consultant, he likes reading and he added a cup of tea; Specifically, it is like to have English afternoon tea.

until recently, ren zhengfei, appeared in front of the western media, he admitted making it covered with mysterious colour. But he said, that “probably because I’m a shy person. But he talked about his early experiences, then describes how the after he left the army in 1983 to travel in shenzhen, and built up his own company. Ren said, he was forced to retire from the army during China’s disarmament, when he is not willing to accept the result. He added that the $30 each month salary when a soldier is hard to give up; Discovered, but after he went to the shenzhen local workers of $50 a month.

ren first entrepreneurship attempt ended in failure, the reason is to be taken in by a partner. The result is at that time, “I was cheated by his business with others”, he said. It led him to study law, and let him realize that how to from China to change the tide of market economy benefit. He understand that the company’s key element is the quality of the supply chain, this let him in the following career has always been fascinated by the research and development work.

however, huawei in shenzhen at that time many trade company or have closed down, this made him into a “the rest of my life with moth”. He added that if you want to use one word to sum up his experience in shenzhen, that is “suffering”, then a series of challenge made him feel exhausted. But for ren, the biggest pain is “I can’t fulfill the duty of to my parents”, which made him feel “sorry” for life.

source: tencent technology