Reported that after the eat iOS8 will run “double screen multitasking”

after the first exclusive reported iOS application Healthbook 8 will have health monitoring technology press 9 to5mac, again recently reported a: the new system will make the device has a “double screen applications running at the same time” multitasking capability.

it is understood that this feature designed to allow users to make better use of 9.7 inches of the screen space. But we are not sure whether this function will also appear on the new generation of the mini.

in addition to the screen can be divided to two applications running at the same time, the report also pointed out that the iOS 8 between two application also allows users to “video, pictures, text content such as cross drag and drop. Sources said that apple is for developers to develop the application of the interaction between ability.

double screen multitasking is even more screen multitasking is no longer a novel function early. Previously, this function has been flat, such as samsung and Surface as the launch window function. However, multitasking application of “interaction” between is a very worth looking forward to the point. In view of apple’s ability to integration developer, launched a new function of the system level, should need not like Google have a headache.