Reservation treasure, the hour room booking new market players

the hotel industry has been quite a number of companies to cultivate, the price war, public relations campaign playful tricks. OTA occupy half of group purchase industry also had some mountains. Although less chance, but does not interfere with the new company to enter. The hour has not yet been reclaimed thorough hotel segment, a new player reservation treasure.

tell hunting cloud network team, at first they did not do the hour room market directly, but the hotel reservation: another C2B user needs, first and then wait for the surrounding hotel bid response. After a period of market validation, the team found that kind of scenario in today is too narrow, C2B advantage is not obvious. For a small team, operation cost is too high. They finally choose to return to the origin, from the hour room to cut into the market.

at present the new reservation treasure has been online, and will be the hour room area segmentation, currently has three types, economy type hotel, hotel type, appeal and apartment hotel. At the same time they face developed a web version of the hotel the hour room reservation system. Applications of the hour room information and the system real-time docking. Hotel can update the data in the room at any time. This ensures that the hour room reservation on the treasure real and effective information, to avoid the customer reservation after there is no room for. Also is equivalent to connecting relationship for hotel and customers directly, reservation treasure to play the role of a platform for information display and recommended.

there are few domestic currently do the hour room market products, known to have “rooms”, “the hotel is opened up an hour room category. Reservation and treasure have room is currently specializing in this field. But they have different look to.

there are rooms on Yu Liansuo hotel, there are currently no do data through and hotel. But application interface design feels dye-in-the-wood, interaction is great. Main safely and quickly. Reservation treasure is provided to the hotel a backend system do data docking, offline mode. The hour room type selection has certain characteristics. But the average interaction experience.

in addition to the above, the two products on the last payment also have differences, there are rooms way is to use an online reservation, booking treasure is user is scheduled to complete after pay it directly to the hotel. This model has certain advantages, but there is also the risk of the user to jump ticket. Team tell hunting cloud network, in view of this situation there is currently no specific concrete measures, in the future there will be some measures, such as to jump in a certain time limit the use of, or other users.

about profit model, the team tell hunting cloud network, considers the profit model of the steering platform will be in the future, and will not charge commission didn’t earn price difference, but consider for the hotel brand promotion methods such as profit. The size is smaller, so more time still doing market and users, profit model is not too much consideration.

from the market, at present the hour room is not large in the field of OTA, the new entrants reservation and treasure have rooms to speed and time. Worthy of note is the hour room this concept has become very common in foreign countries. And the timing of overseas hotel is 24 hours a day. Domestic do not say, as China’s segmentation and in the field of hotel industry transformation, believe that the demand of hour room will be more and more. But that doesn’t mean the tuyere has come, the end product forms still have to test the market.

Based information

Company: Beijing long for science and technology development co., LTD.
Reservation treasure
Time: in July 2013,
Location: Beijing, haidian district
Stages: initial
Areas: hotel reservation
Introduction: treasure is an hour room reservation booking of mobile phone application. In the field of the hour room to subdivide the market, for the hour room consumer to provide the best and most intimate experience of hotel reservation, to do the hour experts in the field of room reservation.

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