Restless Google, to invest in Virgin Galactic “space travel” company

according to, Google to return for a $30 million is committed to “commercial space travel” Virgin Galactic company minority stakes. But analysts note that Google want to invest in the company, not because to build “Google space plane”, but after the low cost of Virgin Galactic, close to the ground, the micro satellite launch technology.

, the sources said the two sides still in the phase of negotiations, but the agreement is likely to reach.

Virgin Galactic is a start-up company build aircraft “space travel”. However, given that the load model of the project, the company’s space travel business plans have been under a skip. Previously, Virgin Galactic promised a real “space plane” is due out this year. Analysts pointed out that Virgin Galactic are suffering from elon musk Space X’s enormous challenge and pressure.

it is important to note that Virgin Galactic near the ground micro satellite launch technology has a profound background. And this technology is helpful to realize Google just wants to “provide Internet access services to every corner of the world” ideals. Earlier, Google has bought solar unmanned machine start-up Titan Aerospace, satellite high-definition pictures were taken company Skybox Imaging.

it is understood that Google will be a $30 million investment for a 1.5% stake in Virgin Galactic about, and this means that the startup’s valuation will exceed 2 billion dollars.

if the above message accurately, so the future in the sky floating Google “Internet access” would include: hot air balloon, unmanned aircraft, micro satellite…