Reveal the hand swim ring: entrepreneurs investors shameless fraud

cloud network hunting note: chinajoy, except watch silica gel show what is dry? In this seemingly every hand swim world, but have begun to reveal the dark side: some tour entrepreneurs hand contrary to professional ethics, fraud, cheating investors’ money through various means.

the author: Hao Wen hao see (public number: haowenhaokan)

a delicate and touching the face and say “568 packs of the clock, 868 packets of night”, isn’t it tossed out your whole body hormone, let all the protectiveness immediately filling? Yes, the meeting after the life “in no Dan so, the king of the mobile game entrepreneurs can also so in reality.

recently in Shanghai in China Joy (at the end of the article related the super big benefits), N the personage inside course of study on various industry BBS more high-profile red songs, let everyone see his hands to swim the shape and light.

it is true that in the first half of 2014, China hand play home has grown to 440 million people, with tencent entertainment vice President webber each speech in Japan, 80% of the players, age under 30, which is about 350 million people, is the largest buyer of hand travel.

but at the same time, even the tough hand paid permeability, but also about 4%, average players paid about 100 yuan per month, just to catch up with a quarter of the level of Japan. So, it is conceivable that, as long as the method, in the next few years, tour “players” hand can make a few times now “cake”, this year, but the phone in the first year of the big bang.

so, a recent years, I see more people into the theory of blue ocean, “to write” all kinds of wonderful work. They are eyeing the area, known as the fastest to liquidate, learned from the leader of the fundamentalist idealism, hernia of consumerism, with exquisite self-interest to play investors and investors’ money.

words, south-west, 80 small qin says it is a game company after the main process, main beauty, main policy is also the old lady, has got the project code, changed a demo in 1 months time, began to circle quietly looking for traditional enterprise boss, for an angel round.

originally, small qin said need hundreds of thousands of yuan, to maintain the human cost and other basic costs, a pair of big game dreamer high pretend bility, soon led to the 700000 yuan investment.

but in the process of development, the scene quickly, small qin team of investment, said the game is globalization product, its effect only by Shanghai art outsourcing company, but you need to the cost of 900000 yuan. If cost savings, to find common outsourcing company do, will affect the quality game, in the future, on the game agent, distribution, may cause lethal effect.

so, from the investors about the traditional industry, good art outsourcing is not cheap, and the original 700000 yuan investment stake and can not earn much return, after stock proportion can increase, will bring more returns, so it is readily promised to invest 900000 yuan.

however, the fact is that the small qin call art outsourcing companies are at the local, outsourcing cost less than 200000 yuan, the rest of the 700000 yuan, both parties have agreement, according to deduct points, through the various fees and “wash”, actually by the development team in private.

a few months later, due to time out of the package, but little qin team fobbed off with a variety of problems, investors don’t, but he knew that to continue, is to continue to lose money, focused, had walked out. So two rounds down, investors make small qin team a few people, 10 months easily Shared out of about 1 million yuan. At the same time, small qin program did not end, he in other place, register company, at this point, the game have 70% completion, the completion of such a high degree, citing the need to promote fees “, easily for an investor to take a new round of investment.

however, small qin play like this, as most, the cow bye – some real hand developers from resources, through the third-party payment platform, “make” beautiful top-up water, with the help of PR exposure, with investors or “partner” in the listed companies, and drill loophole “due diligence”, monthly water do valuations, large investment or directly by the listed company to buy – it is really “big business”. (the process is extremely complex, let small Hao Zi table next time)

well, often at this time, small Hao Zi just feeling really into the wrong line, at the same time also regrets mobile game developers in piracy, in skin, brush list, also can develop so much’re incapable of super “black magic”.

so, kindly remind investment in people, sometimes, the tide is gone, you can see the size, but is unable to perceive with silica gel; Sometimes, the tide is gone, you can see the size, but still can’t judge his real fighting, you just have to polish eyes, more want to find a way to the secrets of the real experience among them. Watch over their hard-earned money, make blundering circle game to nature, then nature didn’t lousy shout distributors seize the property developer, players are more likely to find their love to play the game, you have earned the money… Not everyone is rushing?

no wang Dan is very beautiful, 568 packs of the clock, 868 package night very temptation, like is, true love is restrained, do you really understand?