Rhino story that has been talked about, and you meet


xiamen sunny day, open the ice cream shop sells ice-cream cone of the Japanese business.


a rainy day, sunny day. Zhihu on famous storytellers, rhino story editor hellmann.

rhino story, this is a mobile application of share stories.

a good story to meet, but rare impetuous people can focused.

rhino story has four channels, a truth, creation, travel notes, secret

the fact is a kind of stubborn, users in the true channel edit out your true story of graphic matching, published in the era of information explosion, such a quiet section does have a lot of good story worth to taste slowly.

create channels, to do a pipe dream, go to all kinds of thinking, all kinds of tianma, all kinds of limits, fiction, not afraid, afraid not enough.

travel channel, the clothes ZhengChen miscellaneous wine on mark, travel is not us. Intoxicate This channel is more user organized to share.

a secret channel, time is long, the hidden secrets of the heart to say out. Through inner alone is an island, also is the ocean.

rhino story of users will be who? Remains found in everyday life and moved by the people, is the person who sleep alone like memories, is to stay open to look for the story, should also is to go to xiamen sunny see people lining up to buy ice cream. But there were many?

like douban, rhino story artistic attribute of the strong. Everyone has the potential to be a storyteller, or simply in words, or fine with graphic, can collect after the user login, stories and DMS can comment author.

but in the current view, mobile phone is not always the best story editor, depth of editing should also be done on the PC. Rhino’s next story also do a depth of the PC to edit the background, in this way, allows creators have more play space.

business model point of view, now can’t see the specific business model, but why, with users, nature can go to the grafting, the content is the most important thing, after all to write a good story is too little, not all rhinos in the story is a good story, classic stories need to guide the deepening in the future.

story can meet, capital can also meet, rhinos story won the sealand (sealand securities) millions of dollars A wheel nuts fund investment, future look, rhino story might do more on reading and digital publishing, but no matter how, as A story to share platform, rhino story is great.

rhino story

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