River of apple to “open” why don’t you use Chinese bridge?

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apple 2014 developers conference (WWDC) finally, the discussion about this topic has only just begun. Basically, public opinion on the meeting, similar to ridicule the hammer on zhihu phone’s founder of a joke –
WWDC2013: “not the old historical choice, but apple take the initiative to push the baton to the old”. “As the company’s long-term customers, I’m sorry”. “As a hammer, founder of the science and technology, I think the road ahead is more likely to go”.
WWDC2014: “the cow X input method”. “Homekit good, desirable life”. “Good Metal, unbelievable,”. “The unknown folded, ha ha.
For apple’s component, it should be said that developers conference is far inferior to the product launch, it does not release new products, and more focused on to introduce apple’s strategy and thinking to developers. But only a year apart two annual developers’ conference, why can lead to the public’s attitude towards apple so big changes?

how several “open”
Conclusion there are only two words: open.
To see the apple in the conference of the new action: a new OS X Yosemite operating system, and focuses on the seamless integration of iOS; New iOS8, focuses on the open homekit, healthkit, spritekit, Touch the ID, the input method and so on more than one interface API; The new Swift development language, focuses on improving the efficiency of development, “has never been so simple” programming.
In a word, apple to “open a limited” this road, go faster and the path of “confidence”. On the one hand, by opening more and more data interface, apple is trying to put every “kit” make it a bridge to the corresponding industrial chain, not all do. On the other hand, apple is also more emphasis on the developer’s support, release more concise and efficient development language, reduce the threshold of the development.
But at the same time, apple is relentlessly swallowed a developer on the dividend, will be another small and medium-sized developers to develop a new feature integrated into the operating system, at the same time, in the open part of the function and the permalink closed its quietly, developers are helpless.
Therefore, the ultimate problem is that “open” as the mainstream values of the mobile Internet era, isn’t it one of the most simple idea, a consensus on all throughout the industrial chain link, but slowly and seek a compromise like apple, “touch stone across the river?”

“the bridge” and “touch stone”
But when the bridge already exist, there is necessary to continue to “touch stone”?
In China, the world’s battleground for mobile Internet, android stronghold, apple’s Waterloo, this problem already have the answer. China’s leading BAT, three Internet companies on the android platform has its own open platform; Not only that, but the second tier of millet, sina, jingdong, and telecom operators, financial services, uphold the concept of open, will own the ability to share to the industrial chain.
So far, apple’s “open”, actually already is nothing new in the android platform. In the open platform of the earliest sortie baidu, for example, China’s leading search engine service providers, as early as 2009 years ago that is already involved in open platform, there are big data platform, four open cloud platform service (native and light app developers and LBS), intelligent hardware platform (including do dulife platform and small family, corresponding healthkit and homekit) of apple, far earlier than apple.
In addition, baidu also provide 3 sets of different levels of development tools, and other dozens of sharing platform for developers, is the open cloud platform had 700000 developers and users, 700000 mobile distribution market share of 41.2%. Baidu cloud open platform, for example, the platform through the clouds for developers and storage, delivery, testing and statistical skills, help lower the threshold of the mobile APP development. We have learned, in baidu “marathon” open cloud programming competition, the developers were asked to limit 30 hours using baidu development tool developed an APP, for the majority of developers basic can in this period of time to develop a complete creative APP, one of the smallest developers only 13 years old.
Developers in the project finished, you can also use baidu mobile search and from distribution to the use of mobile phone assistant provide complete solution for promotion and operation; Finally you can also use baidu mobile games combined transport platform and mobile advertising platform for cash. That form a benign loop: developers in addition to baidu distribution platform can be used to occupy the native app and light app two huge market, can search by incorporating ecological and cloud, at the same time – the former layout present and future provide cultivating soil for the latter, the latter to the former provide more sticky.
No matter from which point of view, represented by baidu’s android open platform, are far more than apple is, also far more open than apple. So, the question now is, across the bridge and touch stone, the future belongs to which one?

In fact, apple’s open attitude, more like to mr.obama android is a defensive back. This from apple’s shares can see that although the ios developers cheering, conference, apple shares compared with before, and no obvious change, and even fell slightly.
Apple was faced with problems, after the WWDC has not been fundamentally solved. Long tail application problems, for example, apple’s number 1 m, apple feel very headache, beginning to realize that the traditional classification based on recommended directory of the App Store has not applicable, therefore acquired a company chomp, but from the actual situation, this does not solve the misery of apple.
Companies such as baidu and Google is promoting light application mechanism, may solve the misery across the system level. From baidu Q4 earnings in 2013, launched after light application, active users surged 54.4%, at the same time promoting native app downloads, increased by 42.9%. Among them, such as “rent” 58 cases of double traffic.
Another notable problem is that the present situation of coexistence of multiple system platform in the short term will not change nature. Decided to developers of future, not just a simple development tools or not. For the mobile Internet “real-time”, whether can use the same language, at the same time to write the server and the client logic is very important. Let cloud and end between each other, naturally can understand each other’s data structure, logic is more important than the “products”.
Or in baidu, for example, baidu, according to the use of the company spent two years developing the clouda framework, developers can section about more than 40% of the workload, reduce development costs by up to 30%. Cold start speed by using the Clouda developed product, is a times more than traditional App, and the development efficiency is 2 times of ordinary Web App, is 8 to 12 times in Native App.
Now there are more and more popular application, choose the first update the android platform, appearance does not change the trend. But apple still have a chance. Android is open platform still has problems of its own, such as ali, tencent open platform, after all happened constantly changing, policy problems of chaos and instability, and Google’s ambiguous attitude on system fragmentation problem, there is more to the point – the “open” android, still there is a gap from the real “open”.
This gave apple a short window of opportunity. But apple itself are faced with the problem, than android is much more serious. Fundamental change in the “open” on the problem of passive, apple needs to do more than the WWDC.