Roll call time, shed the raise

who remember call time at the beginning that the fan’s introduction: “a supporting ideas and dreams of utopia”. Once & lt; & lt; The big fish, Chinese flowering crabapple & gt; & gt; & lt; & lt; Hundreds of thousands of cold jokes, on the roll call time obtained fairly good the raise. Along the way, from excessive cultural creative industry to technology to today’s intelligent hardware business. Roll call time positioning seems increasingly clear.

On May 24, the third 10 x10 conference of roll call time of the Beijing games was held as scheduled. Last meeting was held in shenzhen, around 1500 people present at the meeting, the meeting in Beijing, call time Zhang You said 10 x10 broke through 2000 for the first time on stage. After the introduction of a powerful video, Zhang You announced that the roll call time of the raised platform will give up all the raise pattern, and to be a smart hardware platform.

their understanding to the industry is still very clear. Unlike other meeting, the meeting didn’t ask bosses, but like a talk show, though not many, but still can let you after listening to understand the call time. From the beginning of the raised platform to the current intelligent hardware platform.

here you might have, do an explanation, there are two signals, one is the call time determine focus on intelligent hardware business. Two, intelligent hardware here, named time do start, start is not sales, but show the hardware in the product creation team, sales channels and docking, media promotion, product appearance in the fields of cooperation. Further to the whole industry chain in the field of intelligent hardware. Is the raise future just roll call time of a starting point, the subsequent more resources docking is the core of the roll call in the future.

you can actually raise this definition as a roll call in the rich, they have to do project for entrepreneurial teams show, do all the raise, will do more in the market, marketing, commercial. Yes, everything in to make exploratory qualitative commercialization for intelligent hardware industry. The intelligence of the current domestic commercial or too far away from the hardware. The more professional platform needs to give the industry benchmark. Criterion, marketization will be faster.

happily, the roll call time on the understanding or walking in front of the industry, the conference of dry sharing, including market, domestic market and channel data is very fascinating. Can raise the road but the outbreak of the it should have potential, we also need time for observation.