Runtastic Orbit, only one can accompany you crossing the Alps bracelet!

these days I have for all the so-called “wearable” sports intelligence products produced. Every minor sports let I rolled up his sleeves to wear something, I would be very impatient. But recently I accidentally become attached to a very worthy of praise wearable devices, is the Runtastic Orbit intelligent bracelet (” cool “bracelet).

Runtastic bracelet is capable of detecting steps you go every day, and other health facilities. But it will apply to the function of people devoted to the exercise, and not just the usual lack of exercise.

into the intelligent hand ring world

of this bracelet is a small screen and a silver button on the player analogues, which can be folded become a wristlet or a belt buckle, and track your steps, sleep, burning fat mass and activity and other information. Let this bracelet different isn’t it “sleep” function, but its hard software thoughtful design, especially for people exercise regularly is particularly useful.

the most distinguishing feature of this bracelet is its health directivity. Compared the fire before two big fitness brand Fitbit tracker and Jawbone Up the crowd is mainly aimed at “lazy people” who like to watch TV at home, for them, walk 10000 steps every day is a great breakthrough movement level. Runtastic has a good name as a series of fitness application developers have been, from its core Runtastic to subsequent targeted application such as the Six Pack Abs and Push Ups Trainer all let people benefit a lot. These applications downloaded reached $85 million, with 40 million registered users.

Runtastic CEO Florian Gschwandtner spokesman said about Orbit hand ring, the company will make some changes. Although initially takes the Runtastic’s official website online sales, in the form of the plan now is to selling in retail stores, and as the star product in the shop as Runtatic all application of advertising.

here you can share with you my Orbit bracelets of personal feeling for the whole July.

first of all, the existence of the screen let it is very different. Before equipment, such as the Jawbone Up is need you to take out a cellular phone to see you walk and consume more calories, and Orbit hand ring will direct look at the screen with respect to ok. And can this bracelet with a called Runtastic Me the application of synchronous, thus showing your daily activity and uploaded to the Runtastic servers.

high sensitivity

the bracelet and the Runtastic Me with Runtastic series core application can perfect combination. When you recorded by the application of Runtastic indoor sports, indoor sport on the number of minutes will be recorded in the daily movement of total. This and other fitness equipment have very big different. The equipment often cannot identify any indoor sports, they to exercise judgment standard is “your left leg began to walk.

of course, you could say through the connection between different applications, in theory, also can achieve similar functions. But I will try to apply the Jawbone Up with MapMyFitness both together to evaluate my exercise, the result is very funny, MapMyFitness has been displayed on the Jawbone 21 hours of exercise. This funny results should be two app’s handling of the timeline are different.

in short, when you use more than one application and their function, combining with the same company the same series of the effect will be much better than “hybrid” application. After all, they share the same server and hardware support. Runtastic will coordinate very well in this respect.

Orbit bracelet display and a wrist strap is very compact and durable. Unlike Up equipment, in the shower I don’t have to turn off the Orbit hand ring. This will avoid because I used to throw Up the equipment in the bathroom to forget to wear my back to the table of the tragedy of the exercise record lost a day.

high temperature yoga with Runtastic

because Orbit bracelet quality excellent hardware and software configuration, it can offer me other equipment can not give my experience, such as: doing hot yoga in the classroom, because the temperature is too high and will kubla khah dripping wet, it’s difficult to wear any electronic devices or mobile phone in the body, but wearing the Orbit bracelet but there is no problem. This time it can track you when high temperature yoga heartbeat and other indicators. Very awesome? By the way, I am sure I have a Jawbone Up equipment is in the case of the high temperature.

let’s take a look at some other equipment in such terrible circumstances:

look first at boasts “offline mode” hypoallergenic Armour39 (a sports brand, USA). Facts prove that it is not within you to go back to the “signal” the data back into your mobile phone. I also try to other applications, but seems they can’t take my heart detection data back to my mobile phone.

look at samsung GearFit smart meters. In theory, it should be can track my heartbeat. But they, like many smartphones, in that kind of environment you have numerous and the land to wipe the small screen.

the Pebble smart watch from a certain Angle carry is more suitable for sports. But it seems in high temperature yoga course it is not very practical. This watch is too dependent on a very bad with third party applications and is always very inappropriate bluetooth even can’t do it.

Runtastic Orbit bracelet can fully functioned in a yoga class, this is other fitness equipment has strong function.

in the end, let’s take a look at the Runtastic Orbit bracelet. Through perfect cooperate with Runtastic application, it is fear of high temperature gem environment, excellent finished the other equipment to complete the task. Even if I put the yoga mat house near the door of the classroom, can through the mobile phone bluetooth testing my heartbeat. Phone also to transmit the data to my wrist in the case of sweat waterproof bracelet is still functioning normally. Most important of all, I’m movement Orbit bracelets can understand process, need not I frequently to touch screen, as well as the parameters related to the heart.

as a result, I as if into the most comfortable state. Can see me at any time exercise intensity of real-time feedback, and these data will be permanently stored in my exercise cloud database.

actually other fitness equipment brands are well funded, so why Runtastic to complete other fitness equipment can’t finish the task of? Runtastic iOS development manager Stefan Damm says: “it is no big deal. It has to do with crossing the Alps.”

Damm tells us that for the rider to cross the Alps is a big event. He let the rider on the Runtastic hardware to test, let the Runtastic accept the real test of the natural environment. That means at least eight hours a day for a week of cycling. Can experience such environment the quality of one’s deceased father grind Runtastic can not?

still not quick to join smart bracelet the health of the world?

real motion environment test proves that this bracelet is to be able to help you improve the quality of your movement and accurate records effectively. And it also can complement each other and other applications, cooperate together, achieve a better effect. No longer for the bluetooth connection is not stable, software flash back or not compatible and collapse.

of course, this bracelet is not perfect. Occasionally because touch the wall or desktop accidentally touch button, enter the track “sleep” mode. The application of Runtastic has some flaws. For example, I like my fitness data on Twitter, although all my friends a shrug. But it always choose the wrong I Runtastic Twitter account. Occasionally, it will be in the running process will collapse, although after all recovered well, and will come back to fill computation among the time of the crash.

in the end, I want to say Runtastic has been committed to combining exercise with the digital technology, this smart bracelet is their latest film. For high-tech used in groups, their spirit is really appreciated!