Rushing browser, simple acme means can break?

if there are some markets are invisible to the Internet circles on the tall, in the imperial city, mobile Internet has several new concepts, each round by these Internet analysts to chew a powder. But to return to nature, or a product, only to be put on the concept of the gorgeous coat.
Today, let’s return to the stronghold in the field of smart mobile browser market. Seems like UC, QQ, 360, baidu on mobile browsers have a big market space, but this does not prevent new players. Segment, the industry has a small crack has not been filled. Main minimalist, quick, the browser – don’t take the memory at the browser to see the market opportunity, abandon bloated mobile browsers, shanzhai phones running hard). Advocate simple light, quick start, no pop-up, no advertising.
A look at carefully, quick browser is really flattering. Light and small with a simple cut into the mobile browser market. But the market is really so good? Also not necessarily. Low-end smartphone market had been 360, QQ, baidu, pushing a few rogue manufacturers such as induction installed, although don’t know if the user is embraced, but for the small white, multiple applications on a mobile phone they don’t care too much. One day such as reflection, perhaps will come strong sweep (flash). And rushed in front and the browser as a small plant less than in the local tyrants and browser company do positive competition, and they also holds the majority of the channel. So rushed team chose an old way, pre-installed, alliance and shanzhai manufacturers cooperation. On low-end smartphones factory, pre-loaded with phone. And manufacturers are good cooperation is avoided and the giant market competition, but also have its downside, underground flash vendors, by all the ROM change may be disastrous.
Here pulled a digression, rushing the browser is the original development money cashback browser browser fortune cat team of new products. Because taobao policies and the ceiling of the industry, fortune cat browser has been rarely updated, team currently is also is in maintenance. Ming-shun li, founder and fortune cat browser, is the original discuz, vice President, is also a founder of the Internet, before is now a good net, co-founder of loan. (business line really long!

but in the end, or to say, the current PC browser search rushed, is, as interface and is a free movie type of cloud seeding browser. Remove the yun into becomes the urgent browser on mobile. It seems that the team also analyzed user different scenarios, the purpose of using the browser seems to say this is also a kind of innovation.

here we will face a problem, the browser on the basis of the mobile phone is more and more intelligent, install a small, fast start this advantage also will be more and more weak. So the browser’s core is fast, fast to let users. And should play in the giant cluster of the browser market with a spark, really takes a big effort.

Quick browser is


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