Russia’s new law: the citizens from data stored in the server abroad

On July 6,


a new Russian law, all Internet companies collect information about Russian citizens shall these data stores in Russia. Supporters say the law, do contribute to national security, the critics think the move violated the civil liberties.

the duma Friday approved the law, the effective time is on September 1, 2016. Legal drafters reckon, it will give Russia’s domestic and foreign Internet companies enough time, in the domestic setting storage devices.

it’s law is mainly due to the, a number of Russian lawmakers pointed out that after the a large number of online personal data is stored in foreign countries, especially in the United States on the server. Russian lawmakers believe that the law is consistent with the current European online personal data protection policy.

the policy committee, vice chairman of the duma information olivier DE lewin (Leonid Levin), said Russia and the European court of justice in the near future the law of a “right to be forgotten” decision has a similar purpose. The provisions on “right to be forgotten” ask Google to delete user request link in personal data.

but opponents argue that the Russian government departments will be able to reference the law review. Russian Internet expert and blogger Anton’s favour (Anton Nossik) said: “the purpose of this law is to create another legal texts, which closed in Russia Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other services.”

some in the industry worry, for many companies, set the time needed for a storage device in Russia more than two years. For online travel and ticket booking service, this situation is particularly obvious. At present, with the global other major airlines, the Russian airlines and Russian intercontinental airlines use GDS system for ticket sales. In Russia the time needed for domestic development of a similar system is likely to exceed the time limit prescribed by law.

Internet payment service provider, general manager of ChronoPay she g d, (Aleksey Kovyrshin) said: “if the law in the form of a current is passed, then the russians are not only unable to fly to Europe, and even could not buy ticket from Moscow to st Petersburg.”

Russia electronic communication association, agreed that the law may cause damage in Russia. The association said: “the law doubt brings to the cross-border transfer of personal data. In other countries, such personal data localization law through has caused the evacuation of some of the global service, resulting in economic losses.” (d)

source: sina science and technology