Samsung a global “local storm”, the first experience of Waterloo in southeast Asia

at present, in a large population and the population growing in southeast Asia, the global leading brand of samsung’s smartphone market share is increasingly, the market share is to be Ninetology Advan digital Smartfren, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cherry, Mobile and other local Mobile phone brand.

, etc. – who?

in fact, when these countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines local smartphone brand is also a minor celebrity in the foreign market, began to South Korea market, and quickly established their own turf.

according to the Hong Kong Market data analysis agencies Counterpoint Technology Market Research survey, the universal use of the Android mobile phone in South Korea, its itself update quickly, performance is good, price is cheaper than samsung’s high-end phones for hundreds of dollars.

data statistics show that, while samsung is still in a landslide occupied 25% of the global smartphone market share, but its leadership decline in Indonesia, as of June Advan and Smarfren respectively accounted for 7% and 5% of the market, Indonesia today samsung, though still holds the Indonesia 22% of the smartphone market, but compared to the 30% share in 2013, the Numbers have been falling.

in Malaysia, Ninetology has overtaken apple, announced that 7% of the market, compared with samsung’s market share has slipped to 35% from 18%. In the Philippines Cherry Mobile has acquired a 13% market share, just 2% behind samsung. In Taiwan, and Vietnam, samsung also encountered of domestic mobile phone competitive pressure. Apple although lost some market share in southeast Asia, but at the same time, because of updated quickly, the old phone significantly depreciate sales promotion, sales in other countries do not.

in fact, China’s and India’s domestic challenge for samsung mobile phone brand also began, Micromax of India’s mobile phone brands have successfully for the first time in the near future beyond samsung, on the title.

Tom said, now southeast Asia many challenge to samsung mobile phone manufacturers, their production in China mobile phone, and then on their own trademark. They cost some $100, some some more expensive, but still many cheaper than samsung high-end phones. These domestic handset’s agent is huge and great high, with high megapixel camera and support double card double stay etc. Function.

samsung refused to comment on the market share, but so far, samsung still failed to get the domestic mobile phone users.

Source: WSJ