Samsung acknowledged that part of the Galaxy S5 has serious camera malfunction, can only change the hardware can solve them

the Galaxy S5 released soon, network BBS continues to happen in the users to reflect the new machine appeared to buy their own camera malfunction, Verizon version is the hardest hit. The performance of the fault is – camera completely unusable.

this failure seems to be random, there is no obvious cause. As long as the fault, the mobile phone’s camera hardware is completely unable to enable. Users put a broken mobile phone operators, best buy or samsung after-sales hope for repair, but in the end can only by changing the new machine solution.

samsung admitted today already know about the report, is actively helping the affected customers.

samsung spokesman told the media:
“We knew about a limited number of Galaxy S5 may ‘camera malfunction error pop-up problems.” Then announced the area may contact after-sales phone for user consultation and renewed.

samsung China has yet to take countermeasures.