Samsung admitted last quarter earned $2 billion less in China

according to samsung and submitted to South Korea’s financial administration (FSS) semiannual report, the samsung in China in the second quarter revenue for 8.95 trillion won ($8.4 billion), compared with last year reduced to 1.99 trillion won ($1.9 billion).

the sales on the back is not only in China, the world’s largest smartphone maker in the report acknowledged that in the second quarter revenue, in addition to all the countries outside North America are more or less.

samsung spokesman pointed out that, because mobile phones increased inventory and huge marketing costs, lead to samsung revenue in China. In addition, because from the impact of domestic low-end smartphone makers, samsung is facing unprecedented crisis.

at the beginning of this month, a market research firm analysys international, according to a survey of millet has replaced the samsung tops the smartphone dominance in China, is now occupied 14% market share. The samsung came second, followed by lenovo and cool, respectively has a 12% market share.

due to the emergence of new smart phone brand, samsung is facing the most serious challenges in recent years, especially in China, the domestic mobile phone cheaper under the same configuration, extremely competitive on the low-end market.

according to market Research firm Counterpoint, according to a survey of Research in India, samsung also encounter the enemy Micromax, Micromax is India’s biggest mobile phone suppliers at present, its market share reached 16.6% in the second quarter, but samsung accounted for only 14.4%, relegated to second.

samsung plans to hold Unpacked event, this will be held on September 3, an annual event to introduce their new products, the activity is expected to be held in Berlin, New York and Beijing synchronization, the new samsung Galaxy Note 4 will appear. South Korean Investment company HMC Investment Securities analyst Greg Roh in Korea net zdnetkorea said: want to restore lost the Chinese market, samsung’s only hope is the upcoming Galaxy Note. Samsung needs a new strategy to attract Chinese users, and Note product core is the plan.

samsung in results, points out that the second quarter operating profit fell 25%, or about $7.1 billion, and admitted to increasingly fierce competition, still will continue to eat it in the smartphone market, especially the low-end smartphone market in the second half of the year income.