Samsung apple lips gun heated dispute: internal memo into case focus

guide language: on April 30, published by the United States the New York times print edition published titled “Samsung Apple lips gun heated dispute: Internal memo into Patent lawsuits focus” (Apple and Samsung Cite, and Rebut, Internal Memos in Patent Case), according to the commentary in Apple and Samsung electronics, the latest Patent lawsuit, the two sides of Internal memo becomes the focus of debate, the two companies to each other’s Internal memo has a different interpretation.

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when Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) when the iPhone was introduced in January 2007, he said, the device adopts a new touch technology like magic. He also said: “hey, kid, this is our invention!”

apple lawyer Harold mike elsie, Harold McElhinny) said on Tuesday that rivals jobs this statement should be regarded as warnings not to copy the iPhone. But samsung does not seem to be ignored.

in apple and samsung electronics, the latest round of patent litigation at the end of the debate, mike elsie, says samsung by copying apple iPhone and its function, quickly became the leader of global mobile device market. In this process, it violated apple’s patents.

but samsung to the jury tells a different story: samsung mobile phone is successful, not because of plagiarism, but from the company’s own inventions, and the use of large amounts of money piled up brand and reputation.

in the month-long trial, apple accused samsung sales of mobile phones and tablets violated its mobile software patents. Samsung countersued apple infringed its two patents.

the jury composed of eight people, including a retired IBM engineer, a policeman, a clerk and a teacher, they have already entered the stage of deliberation on Tuesday afternoon. If convicted, they decided that infringement will determine the compensation as soon as possible. Apple claims against samsung of $2 billion. Samsung to apple claim $60 billion, and that if infringe apple all five patents, at best, only $38 million for compensation.

samsung lawyer William prius (William Price) in the trial, said the company has repeatedly use the word “copy” to infuriate the jurors. “They want to rely on you to angry to support this.” He said.

mike elsie, says apple iPhone, samsung nothing similar to the iPhone. But samsung eventually launched a lot of the iPhone see eye to eye on the function of mobile phone.

“samsung know these patents, they know they face crisis, they are intentionally copied the iPhone.” Mike elsie said.

mike elsie, says samsung trying to play down the apple patent deals with the importance of certain features. But, he says, samsung internal documents contrary to this claim.

samsung, for example, an internal speech, according to the company’s designers think apple’s “slide to unlock” function is a creative way to solve the complexity of the user interface, which can facilitate users access to the iPhone.

“they didn’t say that this is obvious.” Mike elsie said. This suggests that: if not apple first thought, samsung cannot accomplish such ideas.

samsung mobile business CEO jk shin, published in 2010, an employee memo, in the whole course of the trial was repeated. Jk shin said in the memo, samsung is facing a crisis of “design”, the gap between the iPhone and samsung mobile phone as a “difference”.

mike elsie added, is suing samsung a year ago, apple had a meeting with samsung, to stop copying, but samsung did not agree. “Apple can’t sit still, we hope that you can maintain justice.” He said to the jury.

the prius, said Google is the real goal of the lawsuit, apple wants to use their own patent to limit consumer choice, with the main rival Google Android operating system gain an unfair advantage over the competition. Apple’s lawsuit aimed at the Google for Android design features, such as click number directly dial telephone within the text.

apple reiterated that Google is not the case the defendant, and truly in the equipment of infringement is samsung, not Google.

but Google in the status of the case is more important than many expected. Last week, a Google lawyer testified that the company had agreed to pay part of the litigation costs for samsung, if samsung, Google will provide compensation for it.

samsung presented the apple’s internal documents to prove that apple worry behind rivals. Jobs in 2010, acknowledged in an E-mail, the company faces fierce competition, in the field of Internet services such as electronic mail and calendar than Google. He even said that apple is a “holy war” broke out with Google.

has seen an article in the Wall Street journal questioned whether apple has lost the lead to samsung, apple’s senior vice President of global marketing Philip Schiller (Philip Schiller) email to a colleague said: “we have a lot of things to do to pull away.”

the lawyers think each other have distorted their internal documents. Apple lawyer mike elsie, said, “holy war” refers to the apple in the process of improving product’s overall competitive strategy.

the samsung lawyer price in response to the crisis of “design” the memo said, company executives just reiterated that operators want a version of the iPhone, but that is not the meaning of samsung.

source: sina science and technology