Samsung CFO: I’m sorry, but we will continue to “scorch” for a while

the company’s chief financial officer lee sang-hoon said recently that the second quarter of this year than expected earnings. Korean media MoneyToda was first reported lee sang-hoon speech. Clara, samsung spokesman Lee to confirm and said samsung as early as the second quarter preliminary results will be announced next week.

according to bloomberg 35 analysts’ expectations, samsung in the second quarter revenue should be around $8.2 billion.

weak mobile phone business, samsung, wants to transfer the key

samsung in the third quarter of last year, after a record us $10 billion in profit showed a trend of decline, the Galaxy is apple iPhone series aircraft sales, and low-end market is facing all kinds of cheap smartphone competition in China. To offset from the mobile communications business, three-fourths of the total income than falling, samsung recently, launched the high-end TV models, and focus on investment in research and development of memory chips.

(KTB securities investment company owned by Jin, an analyst at Sung Hae published research report, due to the poor samsung smartphone sales, samsung’s earnings will be reduced by 10%, to 7.99 trillion won ($7.8 billion). Emerging markets, “he said in a report on the competitiveness of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the growing, weaken the earnings of samsung in the low-end smartphone market.”

this week three, market trading, in Seoul samsung’s shares fell 1.9%, closed at 1.32 million won ($1296). So far, samsung’s share price has fallen by 3.8%, or more than South Korea’s benchmark stock index’s Kospi index, the index fell 1.5%.

profit space narrowing, competition

samsung took the lead with 5.7 -inch Galaxy Note opens the screen smartphone trend, but with the increase of competitors, samsung’s profit space is narrow, and apple will launch a 5.5 -inch screen iPhone will no doubt further increased pressure on samsung.

according to the forecast IBK securities companies, samsung’s smartphone shipments in the second quarter will once upon a time in the first quarter of 87.5 million fell to 78 million. Samsung in April released the Galaxy S5, and offers a $600 gift, to under the “attack” of apple and Chinese manufacturers to keep market share. This is the first time that samsung for S series of high-end models with incentives to buy.

according to the Korea daily reported on May 10, on a samsung Galaxy S5 issue 25 days around the world, its sales to reach 10 million units, setting a new record in the history of the samsung smartphone sales.

last year, samsung’s sales in the global smartphone market share accounted for about a third, but from China’s rivals are increasingly show competitiveness, samsung’s annual sales growth to suspend. Millet, for example, according to the analysis, its smartphone sales in 2015 is expected to grow fivefold, to 100 million or so.