Samsung chief mobile designer suspected because of the “old” Galaxy S5 design to abdicate the throne

according to, samsung chief mobile product designer, executive vice President of samsung, IT and mobile communications sector design team director Zhang Dongxun (Dong – hoon Chang), has announced his resignation as mobile design head position. Sources, leaving high Zhang Dongxun blamed shortly after release of the Galaxy S5 poor appearance design.

senior management personnel of samsung’s youngest -, 42, vice President of samsung’s mobile design Lee Min – hyouk will succeed Zhang Dongxun position. Who had participated in the Galaxy series mobile phone design work. And samsung is relying on the product line, beyond apple, as the world’s leading smartphone makers.

it is important to note that Zhang Dongxun didn’t leave the samsung, but stay on samsung design center, is responsible for all its strategy of product design.

so far, the company refused to replace the mobile chief designer.

Zhang Dongxun was a professor and study at the university of Chicago. For samsung’s product design, his main idea is that the product integration to the user in the life more. This is called “the Design 3.0” Design philosophy, and the slogan is: “make sense to let products”.

but very ironically, people have criticized the Galaxy phone “sanitary napkin” shape. The Wall Street journal reported, vice President of HTC poking fun at samsung S5 local tyrants gold smile called “dressing”.

Zhang Dongxun