Samsung electronics in the first quarter profit of $8.2 billion, fell 3.3%

according to samsung’s latest results as you can see, the south Korean technology giants in 2014 profit of 8.49 trillion won ($8.2 billion), fell 3.3%, compared with previous samsung their expected more optimistic, also more than the industry average estimate of 8.4 trillion won ($8.13 billion). Samsung, however, is not the first time the present state of falling profits.

samsung’s total revenue of 53.68 trillion won ($52 billion), up 3% from a year earlier. Of samsung’s revenue, about two-thirds of the mobile division profit of 6.43 trillion won ($6.2 billion), in the first quarter from a year earlier of 6.51 trillion won ($6.3 billion) to reduce slightly, but than the last quarter of 5.47 trillion won ($5.3 billion), up 17%. Samsung is understood to be in China, South America, eastern Europe and other emerging markets a bulk sales of low-end models is its earnings.

samsung said hope to trust in the future in the second quarter of the Galaxy S5 flagship machine continues to improve earnings – the Galaxy S5 sale this month, not included in the first quarter earnings. Samsung executives said in an interview with Reuters, S5 will be better than sell relatively mediocre S4.

samsung also said at the same time, under the business support of display screen and home appliance products, many things will get better in the second quarter – “with the expansion of new mobile device and the Brazilian World Cup build marketing season, smartphone and the television screen orders is expected to increase.”

in the week before the samsung’s old rival apple has released the first quarter earnings, the iPhone alone sold $43.7 million, from $38 million is expected to have significant breakthrough – the iPhone hit also help apple into the profit of the fastest growing stage in 6 years.