Samsung empire 狅 bully, suppress the case from domestic manufacturers

on August 18, hunting cloud network (text/glide editor/water Yan)

samsung mentioned, we will to mind AMOLED nouns, the GALAXY, notes and other well-known products. Sales in South Korea, one 5 of GDP of the samsung group is a pillar of the country. Even some people say that the rights of the chairman of samsung is bigger than the President. This is a joke, of course. But we can still find that samsung the Forbes 2014 list of enterprise 22nd have enormous power.

with samsung electronics as the flagship brand of the samsung group, is what kind of technical support and product strategy and can gradually make it can beat many businesses with apple rival? this is one of the most notable samsung a sound industrial chain.

industry chain formed through a subsidiary, not only reduce the cost, at the same time of self more than even provide core parts supply to competitors. Its biggest rival apple, 32% of its star product iPhone parts provided by samsung. Some processors, DRAM and flash memory, display and other core components.

that apple over the past few years have been trying various ways to scatter their suppliers, supply in case of samsung in checkers and trigger a market crisis.

the other a giant IT – HTC, wanted to take advantage of the GALAXY S4 shipment, but unfortunately supply problems because of the core components of others, which delayed the delivery time. Suppliers are no longer as a first-line brand.

in addition, in order to consolidate their market dominance in the panel, you can take the lead in the production line of steady transition from LCD to OLED, samsung to buy a 3% stake in sharp. Visible samsung for the emerging field of fairly strong leadership desire.” A country does not have permanent friends, only permanent interests. “(there are no eternal friends, only permanent interests) in competition with rival samsung cooperation practice all show wisdom, which is, in fact, in order to achieve better profits and status.

samsung control of the domestic manufacturers

and such 狅 bully and prudent samsung empire, and similar to Chinese companies to adopt what kind of strategy?

in mobile phone industry, especially the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and their component supply basically is from the mainland and Taiwan related industry chain in Korea and Japan. As we all know, in the hardware market core part is a enterprise survival development life. Although thousands of cell phone components, although ordinary components manufacturing, the assembly is pretty troubling, but the technology is already mature. The mainland of Taiwan’s industrial chain can be easily solved.

however, China industrial chain division covers only labor-intensive mid-range components production packaging , only Taiwan have a small amount of high-end components production, not resistant to samsung.

and on the mid-range domestic industry chain, in fact, samsung also have a wide distribution, but under the China policy, samsung or some beyond the control of a ring how don’t worry. Unless the samsung also like qualcomm carried the political public relations.

domestic brands, such as the meizu, millet, huawei, zte, lenovo, their high-end product screen suppliers is Japan’s JDI. And memory chips, it is samsung, Kingston. So even on the device packaging assembly, the domestic industry chain can already arranged completely, but the screen, such as memory, chip manufacturing are headed by samsung, Japanese, Korean, the influence of electronic business.

these core components of supply, as samsung huge market volume of market leadership, basic has been completely controlled by samsung, even a monopoly.

samsung need only with its complete product line layout, a high-end components to spread into the mid-range phones, and then use their long-term accumulated right “to” priority supply commandeer high-end components suppliers can easily to the minimum loss to suppress domestic manufacturers. So both could hit mid-range domestic industry chain, and limit the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to high-end development path.

this is samsung technology market long-term ‘assiduous research, brings the whole body. To be fair, this is every intention to study technology group company due reward.

domestic brands don’t around with a “patriotic” slogan of playing bad, everywhere “cry”, but in fact we do not to do technology, the product well.

today samsung faces the crisis, in the final analysis is also caused by their products do not well, these will be described in detail below.

“the Empire State Building” problem

in a period of time in the past, investors, analysts and journalists in the industry are for samsung electronics weaker than expected second-quarter results, published their own opinions. Many people think, samsung earnings decline, mainly due to the weak scene of smartphone business. Samsung, however, now it is not just a matter of handset sales downturn.

microprocessor business such as samsung. Samsung’s microprocessor business is roughly divided into two parts. Part of the production supplies for its own products, another part is for other manufacturers supply, production and TSMC and Globalfoundries competitive products. Even the GALAXY series is very popular with the market, the customer is not very satisfied with Exynos series microprocessor.

add apple supplier diversity strategy, make the apple dependence of samsung products to reduce gradually. It is not a good thing for samsung. samsung at apple, qualcomm order hasn’t been determined, but now too radical to suppress the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer against himself.

and one would think that samsung electronics declines because of the rise of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. But the fact is not entirely true. the real situation is samsung mid-range phones do not good, and domestic mobile phone manufacturers main market is the low-end market.

in the smartphone hardware quality overall improve the present, for those who choose the middle-end android smartphone users, already more and more over the price the same but the configuration of the samsung.

in addition, samsung software experience lack of stickiness. Samsung can’t compared with up to cloud services, the android samsung also there is no outstanding lets a person want to continue to be the pursuit of things. Especially the mid-range phones samsung, low configuration and their burdensome customization system, don’t dare to talk about the user experience, user viscosity.

but the news that the millet nearly 7 million “flash” beautiful MIUI system users, basic it is samsung mobile phone users. This shows one spot.

however, samsung is also want to change my present situation. Have news a few days ago, samsung intended to their less resource-intensive, run smoother Tizen OS to reshape the low-end market, extending the application of the Tizen ecology, by the way.

samsung in the field of mid-range really can do it we don’t know what kind of degree, at least it is not optimistic.

homebred brand development path

from the perspective of domestic mobile phone brand, how do we continue to rise for the road?

the Chinese mobile phone brand is not lack of marketing, but because without a fair system to strictly control the quality of the mobile phone, making the most of the domestic mobile phone on the market are of variable quality, poor experience , allows users lose confidence in domestic brands.

at present how to achieve high quality, and how to enrich the user confidence in the domestic mobile phone, is the first issue to consider. Whether millet, huawei, lenovo, zte, users want is the most true, is also the most economical use experience. Especially in the Chinese market, common people really want is not what high-end machine.

if homebred brand truly can do low price with high quality, even if not fully compete with samsung, apple, create their own a big market space.

domestic brands to get real success, must have its own market advantage, build their own fan base, create a circle one by one the same as apple consumption. But this need domestic manufacturers like apple sink down and doing well the real user experience, that’s the key to gain user acceptance.

in the end, the core technology, domestic brands need to continue to strengthen capacity for independent research and development, gradually from the dependence on the product core components, in order to will be in the high-end core components to phase in their products, gain the core competitiveness.