Samsung: flagship product is equipped with an iris recognition, low-end products equipped with fingerprint identification

samsung said in a conference recently, samsung’s future will be added on all product biosensor, even lower price mid-range samsung products.

samsung, senior vice President Rhee In committee, pointed out that samsung is trying to diversify the biological sensing technology. Samsung will soon put the iris recognition (also called eye pattern recognition) technology, first to the samsung’s flagship product. In addition, Rhee In, think, higher security and reliability of biological sensing technology, the future will be widely used In samsung’s mobile product line, even the price is very low low-end equipment.

in the short term, samsung is likely will be added in the low-end products such as the Tab fingerprint identification function.

the apple iPhone 5 s after seven months, samsung launched the Galaxy S5 equipped with fingerprint identification function. After bloomberg reported that samsung is actively develop related technologies about iris recognition.

unfortunately, Galaxy S5 fingerprint recognition has once again become a “chicken ribs” function. Although the more application and operation of adaptation, but the experience is poor.