Samsung: in addition to yourself, no one is willing to buy our AMOLED screen

Samsung subsidiary – Samsung Display (Samsung Display company) has publicly acknowledged that in addition to the parent company, other mobile device manufacturers are not willing to buy its AMOLED screen production.

Samsung Display, CEO of a conference held recently in Seoul, South Korea, admits: “for us, the biggest problem is that in addition to sell to the parent company, we produce products (AMOLED) can’t sell to others”. In addition, he said: “China’s smartphone market potential is tremendous, our journey has just begun in China”.

samsung as one of main AMOLED display technology of mobile phone manufacturer, the screen is widely used in their products. Including the Galaxy S phones, as well as the Tab’s high-end plate series. Although samsung has been advocating AMOLED rich color gamut and better display effect, but rivals seem to have been of this technology is not too cold.

in fact, all the display technology on the market at present shortcomings of one kind or another. Analysts believe that the competition is not willing to choose the AMOLED screen samsung, more important reason is that nobody is willing to spend money to grow their opponents.

although the setback in the field of mobile screen, but Samsung Display screen market performance is quite good in other fields. The company in the second quarter is expected to achieve a small profit.