Samsung pillar sector “to break”, mobile business profits drop 30%

according to samsung, according to official just released 2014 Q2 earnings though samsung mobile and IT business as the mainstay of the company’s revenue, but this tree seems to have loose phenomenon happened from the roots. The department business profit of $4.3 billion, than the previous quarter drop by a third.

analysts pointed out that this with samsung for some time, in the face of multidimensional challenge apple and Android phones China manufacturers, their products lack there is causality.

here are the results of the main data:

samsung electronics Q2, the total revenue of $51 billion, net profit of $6 billion, that number (net profit) basically returned to the third quarter of 2012 levels;

, including mobile and IT business as the company’s contribution to two-thirds of the revenue department of a big MAC, but in the quarter a samsung electronics, reduce the amplitude of the largest department in all departments. The division of profits from the previous quarter of $6.3 billion, down to $4.3 billion in the quarter;

, in contrast, samsung’s other business units all have different degrees of ascension. Samsung consumer electronics sector, in particular, a 300% increase. Samsung semiconductor chip and display panel business, won a $2 billion operating profit;

in the second quarter of this year, 95 million were sold 95 million phones, samsung tablet computer. The smart phones sold above accounted for 70% of the total mobile phone sales.