Samsung said the Galaxy S5 sell better than S4 fire! But do not tell how much you actually sold

samsung has declared that the Galaxy S5 opening weekend sales beyond the Galaxy S4 sales during this period, but did not disclose the specific sales data.

on April 11, samsung in more than 100 market launch of the new flagship Galaxy S5. In the latest in a press release, said samsung Galaxy S5 has achieved unprecedented sales result, market sales beyond the Galaxy S4 listed at the same time at the weekend. In addition to a large number of dealerships across photos, however, samsung has not released any Numbers.

samsung said France, Saudi Arabia, the Indian market for the Galaxy S5 is particularly strong, samsung store front line “or even” happen. S5 is very popular in the Middle East, because it have dust prevention function.

not to publish digital is samsung’s practice, from the first generation of Galaxy S samsung never released the single sales models, only vaguely claimed that the Galaxy series in February sales break through 200 million.

although come up against a lot of fun (especially the golden edition back as a band-aid notoriously) repeatedly, but the Galaxy S5 sighting or get a high praise. Samsung plastic work may seem cheap but actually started feeling good, although TouchWiz suspected bloated features rich enough, the effect of waterproof dustproof did. And samsung consistent support to change the battery, insert SD card, never use one of the most abundant functions meet the requirements in as much as possible. But samsung’s fingerprint identification technology experience is not very good, can’t match the iPhone 5 s. Of course the most important is, samsung, relying on a frenzy of marketing has established a worldwide brand. As long as the product is not too bad, sales are guaranteed.