Samsung SAMI health tracking devices platform Want to apple “add”

samsung today released the “SAMI” project, the big push into health tracker wearable devices. Interestingly, the timing of the samsung announced the plan a very delicate – apple WWDC 2014 conference will be four days later. Previously reported, iOS will comes with a 8 called Healthbook health inspection application platform.

simply, SAMI platform consists of two parts. One is wearable device, and the other is the cloud data. Through the hardware of the sensor, the platform will be able to large user data have been collected. Samsung will use the combination of hardware and software, improving health tracking devices use experience and industry development.

samsung chief strategy officer Young Sohn said: “we hope that we can tracking devices in the health industry, reproduce the prosperity of the samsung smartphone. It will be a samsung product in the most promising next generation!”

for the hardware part of the SAMI, samsung unveiled a called “Simband” intelligent bracelets prototypes. The device with extremely rich sensor, which can real-time monitor various body physiological conditions of users. It is important to note that samsung with particular emphasis on, the device is only a guide product. The future health of samsung tracking device would be similar and more wearable, to provide users with more comprehensive health monitoring.

SAMI project is still in development stage, is expected to officially launched until later this year. Samsung, suggested that the future will store the user data in the back-end server, developers in the form of API to provide cooperation.

in order to further improve the wearable equipment experience, samsung is currently working with research institutions, efforts to improve the battery life and performance of these devices. The future health of samsung tracking devices can be continuous use for a week without charge. Simband also has a removable battery, its internal carried a 1 GHZ dual-core A7 processors, support wi-fi, bluetooth and so on.

actually, samsung of wearable devices in the field of ambition would have been very obvious. Especially in track health products industry, samsung has been vigorously promoting. After the S Health applications, samsung GS 5 heart rate monitor, Gear Fit and so on. It’s just that most of these applications are chicken ribs, because experience and irony to stunt by user.

when apple and Google have all either in their deployment of wearable devices, once sets in the system and the software is a large piece of samsung, certainly is not willing to once again become a follower. Again, no matter into is not successful, samsung’s spirit and vision is commendable.