Samsung smart watch industry leader, market share as high as 71%

from a few days ago, in the first quarter of this year, samsung sold 500000 smartphones watches. A number that accounted for 71% of the world’s smart watch sales. If the above data are accurate, which means that samsung is now in the smart watch industry occupies the absolute leading edge.

according to the report, the samsung smart watches is only 1 million units last year, but samsung smart watches still accounted for 52% of the world’s smart watches industry market share. This means that this year’s global smart watch industry will usher in explosive growth trend.

it is important to note that the above statistics report is only the first generation of samsung Galaxy smart watches products Gear, and does not include Gear 2, 2 Neo Gear, Gear Fit, etc.

although the Galaxy Gear is referred to as “goods”, but samsung or through strong marketing capability and Galaxy Note 3 “tie-in sales”, won the consumer to a certain extent.

as samsung in the smart watch industry at present is the most powerful opponent, SONY and Pebble in the first quarter of this year only sold 80000 units, respectively, intelligent equipment, watches, occupying 11.4% of global market share. In addition, MOTOROLA and qualcomm smart watches are sold 10000 units, respectively accounted for 1.4%.

however, analysts generally believe that, due to launch this year of Android smart watches and Wear system iWatch will likely change samsung monopolizing the market situation.