Samsung swallowed $200 million intelligent household SmartThings development platform, to iot challenge Google

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samsung has acquired the intelligent household SmartThings a startup. The company mainly sales of smart home controller under $200 types of products. Sources said that the purchase price at around $200 million. Obviously, after the rise trend of Internet of things, always want to get rid of the samsung Android, himself, eager to transfer the broad, lasting war to new areas.

it is understood that after the completion of the acquisition, SmartThings will maintain a certain degree of independent operation. However, most of the company employees will be migrated to samsung samsung open innovation laboratory in paro atul.

SmartThings from Kichstarter in 2012, a Physical Graph of the raise. So far, the company has raised $15 million in financing, investors including the well-known Greylock Partners, Highland Capital and First Round Capital.

for samsung, SmartThings in addition to its products, the most important is its accumulation in the Internet of things technology and the Internet of things of the company open platform. It is reported, SmartThings open platform has already got more than 1000 intelligent household products, the support of more than 8000 applications.

Google 32 acquisition at the beginning of the Nest, and Nest in the spirit of Google), also introduced the intelligent household open platform. Number of standard and traditional furniture manufacturers in touch stone across the river in their own way, each big Internet giant, under the condition of open maybe is the best strategy. Because, the unity of the open the goal is to eventually. This, look at android.