Samsung to draw lessons from apple’s aesthetics, new Galaxy configuration all metal frame

imitation, is not a derogatory term. Since its launch, there are too many products to imitate it. While the iPhone itself in the process of hair in reference to the opponent’s strengths. With tolerant attitude, if we can see that reasonable imitation, so, when you heard the latest samsung Galaxy phones will “imitation” iPhone metal cutting edges, and I no longer feel what the fuss was about.

according to, samsung due to later this month, launching a called “Galaxy Alpha” series of products. The most striking feature of this product is adopted similar to the iPhone 5 metal cutting Angle frame technology. In the following figure, we see all around the perimeter of the device using the metal material, starting at the top and bottom, metal than borders highlights some of the fuselage. If only from the perspective of the photos of exposure, the Galaxy Alpha other ways to keep the former and the Galaxy series product design consistency.

a long time, people are cheap appearance to the Galaxy and disappointed. Same price of the Galaxy, iPhone, HTC flagship model, by contrast, samsung equipment is the most mediocre. Earlier, in the second quarter earnings for Wall Street know surprise, samsung has promised to launch the new material equipment, in order to maintain their dominant position once upon a time in the aspect of hardware. Today’s news seems to be an early response to samsung leaders promised.

what a metal frame can bring change to samsung, finally to say to calculate by consumers.

according to media reports, the Galaxy Alpha version will have at least two different sizes: 4.7 inches and 4.7 inches. In addition some general configuration is as follows: 4.7 inches to 4.8 inches (claim) screen, 720 resolution,

eight nuclear Exynos 5433 processor, 2 gb of RAM, 32 gb not extend storage space, the main camera, carrying 13 million pixels Android 4.4.4 customization system.

if the above data are accurate, we can confirm basic, Galaxy Alpha is not a flagship product. Although carrying eight processors, RAM, and screen resolution, and other important indicators do not conform to the basic hardware flagship samsung consistent standard.

in the end, in the case of in recent days the industry generally bad-mouthing samsung, hunting cloud network editor you also want to express their views. Objectively, in my opinion, as the competition for the increasingly powerful, smart phones in the mature market saturation and so on, caused the samsung industry cannot continue to grow. But, also facing the impact of the rival, apple is much better. That the key factor lies in the fact that the different behind apple’s success, there are a group of loyal followers. Apple beyond the opponent’s ecology of hardware and software is on the other hand, a strong sense of belonging of the fans culture is part of a disagreement or lack of. The samsung is lack of the fan culture. Though samsung mobile phone to sell a lot, but we (at least is hunting cloud network editor troops around people) it is difficult to see a so-called “samsung” fans.

if one of the success of the millet is used less money to cultivate a group of some blind advocates, so samsung is also should consider to pull it over budget market advertising, think carefully about how to develop “three mulberry powder”? In nokia decline in two years, we still see the armies of powder, screaming for the once-great flag-waving. This scenario is not is not moving. And it is based on considerations of nokia’s brand effect (of course more is helpless, nokia is almost entirely occupied WP market)

Microsoft will take risks to nokia. Samsung how there is no way, we hope that future can really create a product with fans culture! , of course, want to come at the heart of the fans is again carefully, surprisingly hardware (rather than blindly compete configuration), truly valuable application (rather than blindly out new stunt) and the determination and execution.