Samsung was sent off in the United States millions, misguided government purchased the production equipment in China

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, samsung in the United States will accept at least millions of dollars in fines, reason is that it is misleading the federal government from the retailer to buy the samsung products in China.

the U.S. justice department explained that the federal government in accordance with the relevant provisions in the choose and buy when, want to choose in the United States or other signed a trade license agreement with the government of the products of the country or region. The federal government had previously bought from samsung retailers are thought to be from South Korea and Mexico production equipment, but the government then find that they have been misled. These equipment from China, but China does not belong to one of the above contract authorized production areas.

the justice department stressed that the penalty decision is not considered to determine samsung intended to cheat the government procurement. “The United States government procurement respect trade priority level, we only choose those considered countries or regions and the United States for a fair deal.”

after the western media reported that the Chinese government has banned due to safety concerns government procurement from Microsoft, IBM software and servers.

at present, the specific amount of the above-mentioned penalty case has not yet been officially confirmed. The samsung officials declined to comment.