Samsung, wash sleep!!!! Tizen phones have habitual abortion

plans last week to the official launch of the world’s first Tizen smartphones, again. Samsung, the desire for “a real oneself child” of women, has been from the “habitual abortion.

samsung said in a statement, originally scheduled for last week in Russia officially released the first Tizen phone – Galaxy Z, will again be delayed indefinitely. As always, samsung stubbornly announced: “we don’t give up Tizen, still can and partners continue to actively make Tizen ecosystem.”

as samsung and Intel, trying to challenge the Android mobile phone operating system, the fate of the Tizen use rough one word to describe a little bit too much. Last year reported that samsung forthcoming Tizen mobile phone, but was forced to delay because of the poor market conditions. This year, about Tizen samsung mobile phone to message came out in June to come back again. But I don’t know why, and for some reason and put it off until the third quarter of this year. Recently, news about Tizen mobile phone, the Galaxy Z seems to have been close, but just last week, samsung again indefinitely postponed the release of this product.

it was confused, Tizen system has already run on samsung’s smart watches, why samsung is reluctant to move the Tizen on mobile phone? Obviously, jump ticket has proved many times samsung to the extreme of this product is not confident.

Tizen future fate will be how? So far, also true to say. But there is one thing is certain, if samsung can’t draw enough to maintain the ecosystem functioning developers, do not be a trick on the features, then the Tizen will not accepted by the user. At least, his early death fate in the smartphone market is already very obvious.