Saturday night

At last it is Saturday, although having been on vacation all week, it is not very noticeable either, but we will have to take advantage of it 😀

I am considering leaving football and dedicate myself to something less dangerous like marbles or badges, I almost broke my ankle adame this afternoon and that I have dedicated a video!

Here I am, all bothered with a bag full of ice that I have managed. But well, being Saturday will have to make an effort 😀 now I will go to dinner with the girlfriend and then a few glasses 🙂

I’m running that I do not arrive

Ah! by the way, I leave to the souls of the party, tonight I will try some of those movements 😀

Success blog?

I recently read in several blogs a series of tips to have a “successful” blog and a series of guidelines to avoid, so remember the first impression I took was, jo, I complete everything, but everything that should not be done xD

One of the most important things was that you should treat a single topic in the blog, obviously here .. every day is a surprise, nor do I know what will appear.

Another thing was to comment with other blogs and participate, and in that … the truth is that I do not do much, because almost all the blogs I read I do from Google Reader and I go news after news without stopping. Lately I have started writing, especially in blogs or pages that I had been doing for years and I had never written anything, but it is not that I have many friends in the “blogosphere”.

And the truth is that I do not look for a successful blog, I do not know what I’m looking for either, this started

Breathalyzer control of the Civil Guard

I know that this video has been on all pages but I need to put it xDD what the girl .. I think a little strong and I do not know if the medical explanation is like this (I had never heard) but the head … What will be will be..?

The man with the shotguns seemed very strong, I do not understand how other people to say much less have prinked and this gentleman who threatens a shotgun with a civil guard and do not say anything …

Electronic banking

More and more we are beginning to do our banking online, exposing ourselves to the serious dangers that this entails.

At first everything was phising, that if they cheated you with a form that was not, they took you to another website, whether you want it or not, a cautious person could avoid stealing your money, but every time they invent new techniques that make them more dangerous than never these transfers.

It may happen that you install a keylogger on your computer, although most antivirus recognize them, there are always ways to camouflage the code and avoid being detected.

That is why the virtual keyboard was invented, that is to say that by means of the mouse click on a keyboard that can only be seen on the screen, it even offers a level of contrast to prevent someone behind you from seeing it.

But this method is not infallible, I myself on my first Trojan, almost 4 years ago, was able to capture the computer’s image, and put them all together to make a video with visual basic is not difficult at all.

Missed from not having read anything about it, I started searching and found it! Here you have a link to a video demonstration of how a Trojan captures the password of an account inserted in a virtual keyboard through a video.

Another problem would be that by accessing a badly configured router, an attacker could change the DNS to make you believe that when you visit “the cheat bank page” you are accessing your real bank.

These are methods that at the moment do not scare me because they do not spread very quickly or in a general way, I am much more afraid of banking Trojans, Trojans made simply in order to infect and spread stealing passwords from specific banks.

These are the culprits of the biggest bank account thefts in history.