Say no is no! Apple will be cut off “application in promotion” cash

, a part of the developer was rejected when submit application to the App Store. The reason is that apple gives the two words have a very strong reason: first, promote the application of other developers within the application, rather than its application development; Second, within the application by awarding entice users to watch promotional video to other applications. If the news really indicates App Store policy change, the future is likely to cut the developers to promote the application of cash.

now, a lot of application promotion company, through and the developer negotiations within the application into video advertising way, to help developers to liquidate. This means that the change of policy, not only affects is inherently difficult for developers, also for AdColony, Applifier (Unity), Flurry, like, SupersonicAds, Vungle, AppLovin, Sponsorpay and other third-party mobile advertising and huge impact analysis platform.

not only that, the report also pointed out that apple will also ban those trick users evaluate application, paid to share to Facebook and other social media promotion behavior.

analysts pointed out that, although the iOS launched a series of eight to help application developers to promote their application convenience, apple, he is reluctant to let developers is the development of the free. The news today seem to indicate to us, on the surface of the development of more apple, actually want to further control application developers, and its application of ecological system.