Second days of smart card

Last Friday, the second days of the smart card were held at the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

The first ones took place last year and were, like this one, very interesting.

All this is part of the innovation club, created by the university in an agreement with a duero box and to which I belong.

The main objective of this initiative is the realization of several “Innovation Meetings” with people of recognized prestige in innovation and technology projects. In this way students can receive first-hand information about the experiences and problems that these personalities have encountered in the development of their projects.

This year they have focused a lot on the security of future cards with a built-in chip, the possibilities that these cards suppose for payment (the magnetic stripe cards will no longer be used) and, above all, they have focused on the new electronic DNI.

I liked being able to receive such “cutting edge” information

My week

The men of paco have just finished, as I have laughed! I love them, hopefully they will continue to make many more chapters.

As I had many things to tell this week, I collect them now.

To start saying that the smallville chapter of the other day, the 20th of the sixth season I did not like anything at all, it seems that the closer you get to the end (only 3 chapters remain) the worse they do.

This week is getting a little hard since I have the girlfriend in Madrid working at Indra, I hope I do not have to spend a lot of time there.

At last I have removed two final subjects, right now I only have one suspension for September and another 4 of which I have to examine now.

On Monday he commented that he had the exhibition of artificial intelligence work “recognition of faces” and the examination of operational research, well, more or less we can say that everything went well 🙂

On Tuesday I had another exhibition, this time of biometric systems for the subject of robotics, and part of the note, 35% was the “how was exposed” well, in the middle of the exhibition, when I had only two slides I stumbled with the stage and I almost fell, almost nobody noticed but it was one of those moments in my life where I laugh lazy and … pufff that bad, as they all laughed xDD the last time something similar happened to me was in a test at school, now I do not remember why I got a lazy laugh but I remember perfectly how badly I had it, the whole class in silence, doing the exam and I biting my sweatshirt to avoid singing, even with all that I could avoid emitting the odd moan xD

We also had the last workshop of the year, in which again we have the participation of Joyanes, the truth is that it amazes me how it is up to date. Ah! By the way, he told us (he had it written down to say it well) something like that no engineering was going to disappear in the future, that any university that could document career advantages could keep it (it was not his words, but I transmit a bit of idea, is that it is too late and I’m tired) and we were also contanto about the changes that will occur in computer science careers, which will happen to be only one of 4 years that will be equivalent to the 3 that there are currently (systems, management and superior).

We can appreciate in the following video made by a server in the baroque classroom of the pontifical university of Salamanca, like most people instead of attending to the teacher who was telling us something about agents, they were entertained in the pages as minigames, games, games and cia.