Secret sharing application will Whisper by ABC’s television as a news source

according to the American broadcasting company (ABC), television networks Fusion, has signed a cooperation agreement with secret sharing application Whisper. This means that in the future on the Whisper “gossip” will serve as a news source or background material appeared in the TV show.

the report did not disclose the details of the cooperation, it is not clear Whisper as “content providers”, “information cited party” what can receive benefits.

it is reported, mainly in the form of the two previous cooperation will Whisper “industry fact” or “privacy disclosure” introduction of news reports, as the background material. So far, the two has been working in the building two well-known colleges and universities in the United States LSD and sex and other popular topics of the interview program.

last month, Whisper won $36 million in the latest round of financing, valuation of more than $200 million. Its investors including tencent, redwood, Shasta Ventures, Thrive Capital, Lightspeed Ventures.

although as a new profit model, Whisper try to deserve praise. But if good indefinitely into news background, relying on people to spy out other people’s privacy in the mind to make a TV show, the consequences is worthy of scrutiny.