Sell SONY Vaio PC business 95% stake to stop selling PC

SONY announced on Friday, have reached a formal agreement, will the Vaio PC business stake to 95% of the investment fund Japan Industrial Partners. The deal is part of SONY’s restructuring plan, are expected to be completed on July 1.

according to this agreement, SONY’s PC business in Japan, including Vaio brand and related assets will be transferred to the Japan Industrial investment Partners, a specialized company Vaio Corp. The company registered capital of 1 billion yen, Japan Industrial Partners, and SONY will hold shares of 95% and 5% of the company.

SONY announced on February 6, new product release in the spring of 2014, all countries around the world to stop selling PC products. After exit the PC business, SONY will continue to provide after-sales service for the user.

SONY also announced on Thursday, due to the sale of the PC business and will be credited to the extra cost of 30 billion yen, in addition will also CD manufacturing business of overseas 25 billion yen writedowns. SONY is now expected to, therefore, in the year to the end of march this year, there will be a net loss of 130 billion yen ($1.27 billion), higher than the previous forecast of 110 billion yen.

will be on May 14, SONY announced results for the last fiscal year, and this fiscal year earnings outlook.

source: sina science and technology