“Selling milk” twice, no. 1 store is how to play?

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the hype, it should be a means of most marketing people very like.

first of all, the transmission speed. Good hype, your brand message will be like a virus spread quickly, without being limited by the space, greatly improving the timeliness. Secondly, wide transmission channels. As long as the news value of event marketing is enough big, no matter what forms of media, will help you spread. Finally, interactive is strong. A good event, will always have a good topic, both offline and online.

for brand, a good hype cases, can cause the public focus, not only can put more attention into sales, enhance the brand assets.

some time ago, in the company downstairs to see 1 store focus advertising, just know 1 store again in the play “selling milk” marketing – import milk a challenge.

remember the last time sold “milk” is in March this year. 1 store 52 minutes and 25 seconds sold 30 containers of milk, to create “the shortest possible time to sell the most milk” guinness book of world records!

a, talk to a senior marketing to these two cases, he says, can get 80 points. Because from the perspective of marketing value measure, two hype is successful. Two hype already achieved the purpose of sales, also achieved the purpose of branding, 1 store bundled with imported milk has formed the tag.

of course, this is the view of predecessors. As a junior, but many comments, after all, their level is limited. Today I only analyze the somebody else’s hype technique, by the way to learn.

copy plate under the first two cases.

case 1: challenge the guinness book of world records

in early march, 1st shop online “import milk flash sales” activity, announced that it would challenge the guinness book of world records on March 18th. Then, shop no. 1 subway advertising out of street, called on the public to help shop challenges guinness – 1 early call released on March 13 ~ 14 online posters, throw a heavy taste and 30 container Numbers comics, opinion leaders share micro letter information to friends – on March 18, online synchronous activities, a live real-time sales data – on March 18, after the flash sales, appeared on weibo “Linda courageously” comics and transmission data.

at the same time, the whole activity using microblogging queen yao.

the whole process, from the micro letter, microblogging social network, cut open sale, offline to focus place media, step by step closely.

case 2: a national challenge 1 shop

on May 25, no. 1 store launched a full name railway shop activities, say if 4 hours 100 containers imported milk was gone, which won the national Internet users, and chairman of the board of directors in just 1 store will kissing cows.

on May 25, the official weibo forecast, and will be a net friend import WeChat interaction. On the same day, the microblogging forwarded 6000 times.

on May 26, no. 1 shop official micro letter released the rob milk speed, the load ahead! 529 national railway shop, you don’t come!” Graphic, and at the same time introduced the “I want milk” interactive activities, as long as the fans micro letter reply “I want milk”, which have access to “no. 1 store 529 national challenges rob milk” priority tickets for milk. According to receive priority friend rob tickets for milk, can be in on May 29, activities of the day – 10:00 9:30 half an hour early access to exclusive grab milk, ensure that there is milk can grab.

at the same time, during the activity, offline a lot, mainly includes the focus of building framework, advertisements on television. Live on the same day, on May 29, weibo real-time sales data. 51 minutes only 30 seconds, 1 foot of 100 containers a total of 2 million boxes of imported milk that is sold out, no. 1 shop to break the guinness world record again.

in cow “of primary,” just a kiss and cover media channels.

the above is the two general process of event marketing. Because I know of are from the network media, so the description is not too detailed or from where, still hope people familiar with the correct.


1) only rob “milk”

the first challenges guinness, or the full name railway shop, shop no. 1 bet on commodities are imported milk.

obviously, this is related to the consumption environment and domestic. After sanlu, mengniu and other events, the national it is hard to believe that domestic dairy products again. However, dairy consumption frequency is very high. So, the “import milk” consumer base is very high.

so, choose to import milk, is assurance activities a foundation of success.

2) 5 discount

“rob milk” twice, no. 1 shop are in all the “entry” milk sold 5 fold. In fact, stunt just emotional rendering, motivate consumers to purchase desire. But what makes the place an order, or discount. So, you will find that any promotion in the form of marketing activity, all cannot leave the discount.

3) combination of online promotion

two promotion, shop no. 1 basic precision covered the main points in the life circle of media, micro letter, weibo, BBS, etc., from online to offline, and then to online, logic and steps are very reasonable and closely.

media mix, the no. 1 shop behavior bold and worth learning, offline to bet on the focus of life circle media office buildings in big cities (i.e., LCD TV, frame advertising), in fact, is the no. 1 shop accurate transmission of an abacus.

open sharply lower risk in TV, video advertising shielding serious today, effectively locking activity is particularly important to the target population, and focus the building advertising is the default choice. 1 store two challenge of the target population, urban white-collar workers, the leisure class, the new rich strongly aligned with focus. And, as I’ve written notes, focus AD in an audience forced to receive the information space, arrival rate and influence will be higher than other channels.

4) broadcast live

two activities, weibo are conducted live 1 shop. In so doing, both increase the activity and the credibility of the data, also conducted a social media communication.

5) data show

two times after the activity, 1 stores released the fun of digital chart. In addition to the two activities for milk, and popular brand ranking, snapping up the crowd structure, area, constellation, snapping up way, etc., not only close the distance between the brand and fans, improved the fans feel more.


1) stunt different

to snap up the first time, no. 1 store adopts the way apply for the guinness book of records. In the past two years, with CCTV “challenges guinness” fire, guinness has been formed in the popular mind cognitive basis. 1 store to apply for the record, it is either in the press or the public, will focus on.

to snap up the second time, no. 1 shop used to just kiss the cow stunt. Actually, this also is to borrow. Recently, the “principal kiss pig” is a period of time the major portals and the hot spot of the news media, many netizens have relish. And store the 1 “boss pro bull” it is with the help of the “principal kiss pig” hot news, copying events of this classic and sublimation.

2) engaged in different

once upon a time the case checking below you will find that buying for the first time, the whole event gives person’s feeling is no. 1 shop let netizen help it create the guinness book of records. Here, the audience engagement is relatively weak. Because, I want to help you challenge the guinness book of world, what can I get? So, also because of this, although broke the guinness world record for the first time, but relative to the second sales, is not enough.

the second time is different, no. 1 store chose to let netizen PK with yourself. In this way, the net friend is in the midst of participants. That is to say, the second activity, net friend’s store is equal to 1 PK, rather than just a traveler for help, for the first time. At the very least, after the activity, being snapped up at the net friend can say proudly, “I put the no. 1 shop defeated”.

3) activity form different

the first time of buying activity is relatively simple, only needs to be at the same time for friends. 1 store official weibo, micro letter in promotional activities, also just let netizen “invite the family to attend together.

the second is rich. First of all, is the weibo warns, then guide the netizens attention 1 shop official micro letter. Let netizen replies “I want milk” get priority tickets for milk. This kind of similar measures of millet hair F code clearly skill more better. At the same time, weibo social media channels such as “I want milk” virus to comics.

so, objectively speaking, no. 1 shop twice “rob milk” activity, relative to the first, second operation gimmick, to be more mature. Both channels, and spread the rhythm control, are in an orderly way, the effect is better than the first.

of course, this is for my 1st shop two events hype simple dissection, because not comprehensive understanding of information, there is wrong, still hope your guidance.

the author number WeChat public guest book (ID: shukewenzhai), focus on marketing observation and public relations.